Add a Word, Why Not

Someone left a post-it note at my place of work with some words on it. My coworkers, knowing I play video games, asked me if I could understand the note. It read like this:

**ForTniTe BaLLs**

Fortnite Balls. I said, maybe someone was trying to write something with elements from the periodic table because of the random capitalization. They agreed that I probably thought about the note more than the person who wrote it did.

And they were right! Sometimes games or modes in games are just words strung together, y'know? Metal Gear Solid? Metal Wolf Chaos? Fortnite Balls could be a Soccer Battle Royale mode. So as kind of a spin off of [this thread](, let's just add a word onto something and see what happens.

Gradius Body-Spray

There's one! This is probably a bad idea for a thread lol.

##### Cooking Mama Mia

Splatoon Surgeon

I laughed out loud and both of those. Making this thread is already worth it!

Team Fortress 2 Furious

Bloodbourne Identity

No More Heroes, please.

Alan, wake up!!

God of War: Legislation

Final Fantasy Tycoon


@“phylaxis”#p118709 God of War: Legislation

And the inevitable sequel... God of War Crimes! [Ragnarok]

How about...
Mario Swinger's Party
Jet Grind: Talk Radio
Crash Bandicoot Warped Tour (1998)
Pic- Ross & Rachel

#### Down Undertale

[IMG width=400][/IMG]

@"Tradegood"#p118773 Mario Play Party


@“arauz”#p118683 I‘d use this. It’d probably smell different depending on how many powerups you collected.

@“connrrr”#p118777 Cooking Mama Mia Cookstar!

Domme/Sub Command
Mass Ochism Effect
Grand Theft Autoerotic Asphixation
Who's Your Leather Daddy?
NeoPet Play

ok i'll stop

@“Tradegood”#p118781 Real Sounding: Kaze no Regret (added a suffix and not a whole word, oh well!!)


ok i'll stop

I know you have more

God Hand Sanitizer

Chrono Trigger Discipline

Viewtiful Joe Biden

Raw Foods Danger!

lol I'm going at this in a whole different way from everyone else

Pocky & Rocky with Becky & Recky

Noah's Ark: Survival Evolved

Sermon on the Mount & Blade

Gospel of John Madden Football

SOCOM & Gomorrah: US Navy SEALs

oh NO I thought of a bad one

||That Double Dragon, Cancer||

Bravely Loan Default

Elden Ring Camera

Generation Zero Emissions

Katamari Forever Voyaging

Werewolf: The Last Warrior Princess

Donkey Kong Country Returns Again