AI vs AI Community Tournament(s)

Not sure if this has been done before, but for those interested, the first tournament to be run will be on the game “Super Fire Pro Wrestling X Premium”.

To join, simply tell me the following:

  • 1.

    What does your wrestler look like?

    —I'll try to make it as accurately as possible given the limitations, so include things like hair color, clothing, age, weight, height, etc. (NOTE: While there are a LOT of options, keep in mind, I cannot create absurdly extravagant wrestlers due to the limitations)

  • 2.

    What is the name of your wrestler?
    —Whether it be a real name, a username, or a nickname, all are welcomed.

  • 3.

    What type of wrestler are they?
    —Heel/Face? Lucha? Street Fighter? Grappler? Boxer? Kickboxer? Submission Expert? High-Flyer? Powerhouse? (NOTE: This is so I have a general idea of what moves to use and what logic to set them to have)

  • After that, once we get at least 10 people (not including myself), then I'll run the tournament and post the matches to YouTube and share the matches on here one by one.

    Good luck and may the best fighter win.


    I'm in, will post the required info soon

    Oh I'm so in.


    look: bald and as skinny and naked as possible

    type: i don't know another way to put it besides mick foley. i guess stunt man punching bag.


    look: has the biggest, bubbliest ass of all the fighters

    name: Now That's (What I Call) Cake aka “The Cake”

    type: submission expert


    Huh, for some reason I can no longer see the first post in this thread. Is this the case for anyone else?

    yes and I hope it wasn't my fault

    It's back!

    Huge. Large. Massive. Whatever the largest or most maximalist option is, pick it (including age and especially hair).

    Monster Heel. Powerhouse.



    Of course TUBTH UMPER is a heel in the sense that Rusev was a heel, you know what I mean

    Look: cowboy. A spaghetti western looking cowboy. If possible I'd like them to have a bandana covering their mouth and nose.

    Name: Tumbl Weed

    Style: Weed's a face for sure, but quiet and mysterious. Nimble, with an almost super natural feel to them like many lunchador wrestlers.

    What a cool idea.

    My wrestler is named Star Forge and is a tall, lanky grappler that aims to power bomb opponents out of the ring while yelling “SUPERNOVA”.

    They are weak to regular pushing and slapping, but excel at close grappling.

    In interviews after matches they never actually give any coherent commentary on their performance and rather offer semi-scientific statements about cosmic inflation and how there are objects we can see that are actually beyond out possible cone of influence