Almond Oil for Nails and Cuticles - a gamers best friend

I have recently discovered this product:

Its a soft little rubber buffing pad for pushing up your cuticles and polishing your bare nails. And then it has a liquid filled paintbrush with almond oil to dab on your fingers before buffing and cleaning them. Its a wonderful product.

I've always had nervous ticks while concentrating/gaming like flexing my ankle a certain way or clenching my jaw or even chewing my finger nails.

This thing is awesome though, the soft rubber pad feels satisfying on your nails. Pushing the cuticles up is a fairly obsessive activity since it is never perfect. And of course the little oil paint brush is the cherry on top. Very fun to do in between matches or games. And good for the health too!

Does anyone else integrate hygiene/wellness rituals into their gaming, or at least try to?

I do not have any cleanliness rituals related to games, thankfully (I don‘t need more stuff to obsess about) BUT I keep meaning to clean a bunch of my controllers by taking them apart and cleaning each component, and I just haven’t done it yet. for whatever reason this kind of inspires me to maybe do that again. I've got some dusty, less than perfectly responsive turbo duo controllers that need a scrub.

Muahaha, its probably my filthy lean keys. Those things are like almost black.

A good way to clean buttons and not worry about screwing up any coloration or silkscreening on them is to use those foaming dental tablet cleaner things. And just throw the buttons in there and let it stew for a while.

Not to sound tough or anything but I try to work push up and dumbell reps into games. For instance I’d do a set during the enemy turn in Front Mission.