Anyone wanna give Advance Wars By Web a swing? (Free Version of Advance Wars)

I found out from watching some Youtube videos on Advance Wars that Advance Wars By Web is not just a game with a full sentence as its title–it seems to be a sort of chess mail style, player built recreation of a chimera of mostly Advance Wars 2: Black Hole Rising mechanics, but with added stuff (I think mainly playable commanding officers and special units?) from Advance Wars 1 and Advance Wars: Dual Strike.

Basically, _Pokémon Showdown!_ for _Advance Wars!_ And, although you do need to create an account, it does seem that it is free to do so.

Not much more to this post. If nothing else, I am curious to see how faithful of a recreation it is and how well adapted the interface is. If anyone wants to play a game of _Advance Wars By Web_ with me, I created a game which you can access by clicking [**this link,** ]( the password is ```insertcredit```. I don't remember how good I am at _Advance Wars,_ I mainly remember that I like _Advance Wars_ and think it would be fun to play with anyone. If you're really good at _Advance Wars_ come and kick my ass.

Do note, as well, that if you're an _Advance Wars_ veteran, _Advance Wars By Web_ does have some minor differences to the games it's based on, [which you can read about on the FAQ.]( Nothing that would matter all that much to a friendly match with other forum members, though.


@“Gaagaagiins”#p123920 I created a game which you can

~~Oh, also, the password for the game is: insertcredit~~

I put the password above, but don't like deleting posts, so, I'll just add, somewhat redundantly, how cool it is that nerds take the time and effort to create shit like this. Shouts out to nerds

[“Anyone wanna give Advance Wars By Web a swing?”,“Anyone wanna give Advance Wars By Web a swing? (Free Version of Advance Wars)”]

I was curious enough about the UX of this as a browser based adaptation of a game from a handheld console to just create a second account and just test a game against myself (in honour of my teenaged self who would at least sometimes dick around with playing Advance Wars against myself), and, wow, they basically ported Advance Wars 2 to browser?? Intuitive mouse controls, some interesting QoL features like being able to replay previous moves/turns, has graphics and even battle animations I think, and moves will even update basically in real time if you have the game open while your opponent is doing their turn.

Nerds rock

This is a cool idea! I‘m down even though I’ve never played an advance war before. I have played a little bit of Wargroove which had something similar built-in that a friend and I always said we would play but never got around to. So I'm in!

Dear forumgoers, let it be known that @Tradegood may be some kind of Lelouch level genius if they were playing Advance Wars for the first time. I am feeling my window to being able to handily beat them due to their inexperience with the game is rapidly closing

@“Gaagaagiins”#p123979 That‘s very kind, but you are kicking my butt! You built a smart front line, and every soldier I throw at it gets vaporized. I know I can’t match your supremacy over the waves or your technology advantage… but maybe by taking to the skies and using artillery I can bleed your army a bit more before retreat.

>!Thanks for the tutorial by combat! ^_^ !<

I was actually kinda into competitive advance wars via AWBW for a bit like uh, a very long time ago. Ten years? Fifteen? Has that site been around for fifteen years? Okay, I checked, it's been around for nineteen years.

The big issue with competitive advance wars to account for is that the COs are extremely imbalanced. A good Grit can beat you with just infantry and artillery. Colin is also completely busted. I think there were a few other outright banned COs (in the group I was in), but those are the big two I think. Oh also Nell. Sami can be incredible in a fog of war map.

You've also gotta be careful about some maps favoring one player or the other, but that's less of a problem.

Anyway, that time in my life is over, but I wish you a happy, advanced warring.


@“Mnemogenic”#p124086 The big issue with competitive advance wars to account for is that the COs are extremely imbalanced.

My favourite CO was always Kanbei so I was just glad to see my more or less factually unfounded gut feeling to be supported by science.