Apr '23 Monthly Game Club - Mega Man Legends

April showers bring Mega Man Legends powers! It's time for a new Monthly Game Club thread for April 2023.

Mega Man Legends is a 3D action game made by Capcom from 1997 originally for PSX, with later releases on N64, PC, and PSP.

Nominated by @"Nemoide"#315, here's what they have to say about it!


It has a great aesthetic that stands out in the PS1 library, looks like it would be a crowd-pleaser. It‘s part of a huge series but stands alone for folks who haven’t played the others. It's generally considered a classic nowadays but was seen as the black sheep of the series when it came out.


What's your history with MML? Share if you're gonna join in, your thoughts, and how your experience playing the game is going!

I can play this one!

someone's gonna have to tell me what version I should play

I think the first time I became aware of Mega Man Legends I saw it in a video rental store in the late nineties. I‘d played but never beaten half of the NES games and the first MMX, and console war brainwashing (even though we had a PSX at the time) made me associate Mega Man with Nintendo, so it felt really weird to see the name on a PSX jewel case and for the character to be rendered and lanky. I didn’t play the first game until way way after the second one, which itself had already made me fall in love with the character and world and art style. I've never been a huge Mega Man fan, but I was really looking forward to the third fourth Legends game before it got cancelled!!

*Mega Man 64* (the N64 port) is how I found toastyfrog.com back in the day where Parish gave it the Gran Prix award on his list of Most Disappointing Games lol. That list is a trip and I'd love to see him engage with his past self's opinions sometime. You can still find the list on archive.org but the header he made of the games' box art flying into a toilet has been lost to time it seems. :'(

I played the N64 release when I was a teenager and loved it. The 3d graphics and bubbly bulky looking aesthetic they went with for this game really sold it for me. I remember having a good time finding the various weapons and parts to make weapons and just the new setting in general. Also I spent hours just kicking cans in the shop area. The game as a whole was a real chill experience for me.

>!Except for that final boss.!<

@“Toph”#p110606 lol I think I switched to my brother's save file for the final boss because his Rock was more op than mine by endgame.

Cool choice! I‘ve don’t think I‘ve heard of this game, what’s it about? I've only really played Mega Man X and X-2, and those those games were real good (however, revisiting the switch version hurts my hands using the controller lol). I hope this one is chill! What is the best version and control scheme? (I have a N64 controller I could use)


@“Tradegood”#p110610 the N64 port reduces the quality of the graphics and audio (there‘s a lot of it!) from the PSX version. If you can get the PSX original running on something that’s what I would play. I had no idea it was ported to PC, or PSP (as a PS1 classic probably?).

It's bright and colourful and cheerful! It trades the DBZ melodrama of the X series for a slice of life-y—at times shoujo??—tone, I'm trying to think of an anime to compare it to lol.

The only one I haven't played is Misadventures of Tron Bonne so I may take this month's pick as an excuse to play that finally.


@“connrrrr”#p110617 The only one I haven’t played is Misadventures of Tron Bonne so I may take this month’s pick as an excuse to play that finally.

Ohhh ok I have heard of that game, and implicitly love it just because the name reminds me of the Miseducation of Lauryn Hill, maybe the best album of all time.

I'm sure I can get the PSX version running on Duckstation in 4k

A couple of real quick notes for anyone trying the psx version with retroarch:

I had to turn the CD load speed down to 4x or else the game just wouldn't boot -- it would hang at the initial "now loading" screen

Also, it took about 15-18 minutes before meeting this guy and being able to save the game for the first time:
...so make sure you've given yourself at least that long so you don't need to redo the intro again.


I'm going to have to try messing around with the controls a bit. I might even make an 8bitdo profile that maps the right stick to L1/R1 so I can use that to look around. Would that be considered cheating?

I rented this game from Hollywood Video when I was a kid and don’t think I got far beyond kicking cans LOL

Really excited for it. I’ve always thought this game and its sequels had like a top 5 all time aesthetic. Will be playing emulated on the Steam Deck and am curious how the controls will feel on it, I feel like these games are kinda infamous for their controls.

Definitely here for this! I have always been intrigued by screenshots/videos of this game but never got around to playing it. I'll probably play it on a PS1.

[How Long To Beat](https://howlongtobeat.com/game/5832) says 7.5 hours to beat the main game and 14.5 hours for 100% completion. Seems like a great length for this.

@“connrrrr”#p110617 I looked it up and they were native ports on the PSP which is really interesting!



@“sabertoothalex”#p110631 they look very faithful, even keeping the warping textures!! Although the music sounds a little different?


Has loooooong been on my backlog, always seemed like such a charming game and who could pass up on servbots? Also interested in comparing it against other early 3D console games, does this feel like the amount of progress expected a year and change after Mario 64?

Think I’ll be going with the PS1 version via Duckstation with the resolution cranked up. Another great pick for the Club!

I‘m already playing this game! Been at it for over a month, I think, and yet my in-game timer only says a few hours. Suppose it doesn’t count the time I played a long mission, fought a boss, watched like three cut-scenes and then immediately got hit by a car and lost all my progress, lol. Watch out for those cars! They don't slow down!

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@“sabertoothalex”#p110631 man RIP MML3DS

☟ Click to die all over again


Great pick, just sat down and started it. Been wanting to get back to this one and play it through. My brother and I had it when we were kids and spent a ton of time just hanging out in the town and market, jumping on the police car and kicking the can around etc. Very good springtime vibe!

good pick