(Archived) The thread in which we discuss the videogames we are playing in the year 2023

The best way to NEVER LOSE is to admit defeat before the adversary can make the final strike.

Surrendering is not the same as losing. I didn't lose anything, YOU on the other hand lost the opportunity to have a thread for the ages, a thread that could live forever, the THREAD ETERNAL.

This is a space where we can talk about the videogames we will be playing during the year 2023, if war, climatic change or the general collapse of society as we know it doesn't happen before the end of said year. Until then, this is the place!

I am currently playing Hyper Gunsport (as discussed in its respective thread). I am also currently playing Death Stranding Director's cut thanks to that Epic Giveaway, because I wanted to reach the point where Mads Mikkelsen can wish me a happy birthday, which should happen exactly today (I was born on December 31st) ||((Feel free to wish me a happy birthday on the first few messages of this discussion before start talking about videogames, which is the main purpose of this thread)).||

From now on every yearly thread starts with wishing @“JoJoestar”#251 a happy birthday.

Happy birthday!!!

[upl-image-preview url=https://i.imgur.com/B9k7n5Q.png]

...I'm playing Hyper Gunsport, FFIX, and Tactics Ogre Reborn.

@“穴”#p98734 If this happens I will successfully be converted into the main proponent of the yearly thread solution.

Happy birthday!!!

There’s still some gamin time left in 2022 you absolute FOOL, and I will likely spend it squishing in a couple more epic skirmishes in Tactics Ogre, some real-life skirmishes in Mario Party (I downloaded the N64 nostalgia remake one at a request from a less Gamer-attuned friend), and probably a few gruesome yet manly deaths in Broforce.

Happy birthday in a Hannibal voice!!!

I'm playing FFXIII, Picross 3D hard mode and Doki Doki Literature Club.


Joseph Jorgestar, it is with uncharted pleasure that we wish you a Merry Birthday and a Happy New Year. How does it feel to be turning 23? That‘s as old as the Planet, you know. [size=13]They call it two thousand twenty-three for the sake of keeping up appearances. I remember[/size][size=12] when I turned 23. [/size][size=11]Your father and I were reading the Magna Carta[/size][size=10] by the fire one chilly evening,[/size][size=9] the sun blazing in the sky. [/size][size=8]It was 2001. Year 2. The document begins[/size][size=7] with a citation of the Late Great Naked Snake:[/size][size=6] “Maybe the world would be better off without the king of England.”[/size][size=5] I thought it an unusually [/size][size=4] polemical sort of thing to say especially given what the ~(document went on to propose, and which prompted) ~(~(me to express my confusion to your father, who responded by slapping)) ~(~(~(on a telecommunications wristband and said, "Honey, we’re Shin Megami Tensei now."))) ~(~(~(~(Suddenly I found myself waking in fright, alone in bed, sweating like the Dickens)))) ~(~(~(~(Great Perspirations)))) ~(~(~(~(and wishing more than anything to see you again,)))) ~(~(~(~(~(our child of 22))))) ~(~(~(~(~(this was two weeks ago,))))) ~(~(~(~(~(who went off to help the resistance in mech-occupied Antarctica along with the other Lost Boys)))))



[upl-image-preview url=https://i.imgur.com/H2OQxOD.png]

@“captain”#p98748 “great perspirations!!”

Happy birthday!

I intend to make a big dent in Stranger of Paradise because everyone at my house is sick so we'll be staying in like a gaggle of the coolest geese.

@“Syzygy”#p98737 God the Baki-verse is just unmitigated insanity

It's truly awe inspiring how crazy it is


@“captain”#p98748 How does it feel to be turning 23?

Add +10 to that number and that's actually how old I am. Today I have been told several times that "that's the same age as Jesus" and I keep replying that "I hope that I don't end up like him".

@"Syzygy"#p98737 I think I know which highly venerated manga I'm going to finally start once I finish my current reread of Hunter x Hunter :)

Happy Birthday to good forum poster JoJoestar!!

Today I played Diddy Kong Racing instead of making some more progress on Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night or Signalis. Whoops I kinda totally love Diddy Kong Racing and my small kid is super into it too so who cares!!!

happy birthday!

i‘m not really playing anything right now, though later tonight, i’m gonna play either some sylvie games or ridge racer type 4.

Happy birthday big dog

I will continue to play video games off grid regardless of societal collapse

I beat Pokémon Black last night.

Injecting gen 1 Pokémon into my team for the whole play through worked out great. Now I’m in the postgame and I feel like all these gen 1-4 critters that are now present shoulda just been there the whole time.

Post game is huge and it was very weird seeing three inaccessible towns on the map. I will be hanging out in postgame for a good while before touching part 2. I always liked N for his basic trainer design and I’m glad he turned around.
The twists at the end were nice to see them trying something different, but didn’t do much for me, still very predictable and not at all interesting when they seemed to be trying so hard. There were two things that seemed to blatantly rip off mother 3: N’s “creepy” playroom, and the pseudo mother 3 theme of love when N turns around and learns a lesson.

Pokémon has always been a spiritual successor to Mother in many ways, but this just didn’t land and seemed too hamfisted IMHO. Also Ghestis theme was just trying to pull a One Winged Angel. They’re assuming you’ve never played those games I guess, because it seems hamfisted to me.

It is great to see the Pokémon industrial complex try and break the chains and do something different, but it still felt so restricted. This was clearly developers crying out:
[upl-image-preview url=https://i.imgur.com/6TEmjfc.jpeg]
I know already that part 2 will break the mold even further and this was just opening the door. Also it’s still a beautifully rendered Pokémon experience. It’s still insane to me how well animated all 600+ Pokémon were without using half of them. In the end, I’m still in it just to see my familiar critters dance around on screen, and explore beautiful new areas— that’s all.

Ps: I do like the general art design of B&W, with its two-tone style. Around the time B&W2 were contemporary, I was in the middle of nowhere playing Pokémon tcg official league on campus of a private college I didn’t go to, lol. The two tone energy cards and style were appearing in the tcg as well, and I have a weird nostalgia for it.


This brings back wild memories of playing Diddy Kong Racing for months and months. No one ever wanted to play it because Mario Kart 64 was sitting right there ready to be played, but I think I liked Diddy Kong Racing more.

@“edward”#p98769 Mario Kart 64 PALES in comparison to Diddy Kong Racing. Also, it‘s the worst Mario Kart. I’ll say it!!!

That's the kind of freak heat we need with our Mario Kart opinions in the new year!

I refuse to post in a “what are you playing?” thread if it is not started by @JoJoestar

Luckily, 2023 is safe

Recently, I’ve been sucked back into the Path of Exile black hole. The recent league (what they call a season) is good, and I’m a sucker for an ARPG. I’ll argue that Path Of Exile is _the best_ ARPG that currently exists, if a thread for such exclamations existed.