Ask Me About DC Comics

First off, I’d recommend Jeff Smith’s Billy Batson: The Monster Society of Evil, followed by Billy Batson and the Magic of Shazam! Sholly Fisch’s Scooby-Doo Team-Up and The Batman and Scooby-Doo Mysteries are also some of the best comics for young readers out there. Anything with “Adventures” in the title is a safe bet too, tying into the great Timm and Dini DC animated universe — can’t recommend Superman Adventures, Batman Adventures, Batman & Robin Adventures, Gotham Adventures, and Justice League Adventures highly enough.

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i thought it better to ask you specifically, what is the KORD Industries of video games?

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I don’t have any opinions about video games.

hm, who is/was the Curt Calhoun of DC creative?

I don’t know who that is.

Are there any one volume, or perhaps mini-series collected as single volume anthologies (I don’t know industry terms, is that what a “trade” release is?) that stand on their own without requiring homework from the reader to enjoy that you would recommend?

I’m not sure if I have the time/space/attention/etc presently to start a series of anything, but I could gobble up a nice stand alone story.

Try Darwyn Cooke’s DC: THE NEW FRONTIER. Every page is like falling in love.


Can you help me track the Waller we know now through time a little bit? To my brain, it feels like it goes kinda like this:

  • Not much recollection of her until she becomes prominent in JLU. I wonder why the Diniverse crew chose her?
  • Huge void left by Maxwell Lord’s death (both within Checkmate and also sort of in the meta narrative)
  • Prominence of Nick Fury as a paranoid string puller in both Marvel media forms (comics and movies)
  • The hyper awareness of the Suicide Squad in mainstream movie media leading to her increased prominence in the funnybooks

She seems to be following a Maxwell Lord-esque path too, to what I can only imagine is a similar end? I don’t know how she gets unwound at this point…

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That seems right. I just spoke to Mark Waid about this yesterday. He’s saying he’s aware of the flattening of her character which has occurred over time, and will be doing his best to present her with more complexity in this summer’s event.


Nice little flex there, Mr. I-Speak-With-Mark-Waid-On-The-Reg.

… unfunny jokes aside, much regards to Mark Waid and his family. His work with Alex Ross made me a DC Comics fan for life, and his Birthright with Leinil Yu was robbed of its preeminence.