Bad/Weird Looking Controllers (aka Little Brother Controllers)

I did have a tumblr on this a while back. @exodus even came up with the name

[“Bad/Weird Looking Controllers”,“Bad/Weird Looking Controllers (aka Little Brother Controllers)”]

I had this one for the Dreamcast, and it was as awful as you'd think.

I remember this being quite 3rd rate.

i somehow had BOTH of these


Actually the bottom one slaps. It looks like this somehow


@tomjonjon#8508 beat me to it



that SN programpad always blew my mind a little bit.

Far too late alternate title suggestion: “Control Freaks”

I was the big brother but the SN Programpad was my main controller! I don‘t remember ever using the programming features, we’d just gotten it because it came with the SNES when we bought it used.

Never had an opportunity to use one of these, but I heard they are bad news bears. Heavily advertised in gaming magazines.


Most of the controllers in this thread are bad controllers that everyone knew were bad, but the appeal was that they were slightly cheaper then the 'real' controllers.

That one by contrast is really interesting because everyone knew it was bad, but it was more expensive and what was the appeal exactly? Did anyone here buy an RE4 Chainsaw controller? If so, why?

@Geoff#8666 I have the chainsaw controller, but I never opened it or used it. From what I've been told it is usable.

@Geoff#8666 my guess is the appeal for a lot of people, the kind I know who have seen Every SAW Movie, is that “dude, you can play Resident Evil 4 with a chainsaw dude”

@hellomrkearns#8771 love the visibly mushy d-pad on that playstation boomerang. I can't stop imagining the feel and getting grossed out

“Le Joystick Definitif” may be one of the funniest things I’ve ever read

I have been feeling attacked by this thread for the whole past week because honestly, what a rude thing to call me out for.

This is the kind of shit I've been pulling for years because a) I have a little brother, b) I'm not particularly fetishistic with hardware and honestly a bit stingy so I always followed the whatever gets the job done approach and c) yeah, whatever works but let's give the bad controller to the other person alright??? So let me show you some of the little brother controllers I have accumulated over the years.

The bad smash bros switch controller that turned into the regular controller when my joycons started drifting then it started drifting too and now is the never controller.

The bad Wii controller which I bought to play Rondo on the virtual console on a CRT and yeah, didn't happen who could have expected that

The bad PS2 controller with the very bad D-pad

The even worse PS2 controller with the absolute worst D-pad I have ever been tortured with

The lets play Silent Hill 2 this summer with my girlfriend at the time controller, which also didn't happen

My good arcade stick modded with Sanwa/Seimitsu components to dig myself out of the dirt a bit after this self humilliating post aka the Big Brother Controller

Oh! I have that SFIV stick and even stock I really like it. good to know I can switch in new parts.