Bandcamp recommendations?! In this economy!

Starting this thread with an ulterior motive: finding good bandcamp music

But I thought a general ‘bandcamp recommendations’ thread might be better, so: what are your favorites?

Lately I’ve been listening to the anthology series of windrush era Caribbean music [London is the Place for Me]( (after a song by Lord Kitchener)

It’s definitely a 10/10 can’t miss if you’re at all into 50s and 60s music

I’ve also been listening to [tide life by the person](

### HIRS

If you've ever thought "I wish there was music like Agoraphobic Nosebleed but not made by and largely for shitty dudes," here is your superior replacement

What are we defining as bandcamp music?

Music that's only on bandcamp? music that feels bandcamp-ish? or just the kind of independent music that's usually availabale on most streaming platforms but thrives on bandcamp?

@“穴”#p51476 ah I meant to write this part and forgot: all welcome for sure but 1 & 3 get bonus points. I wanted to do this thread so I’d be ready for any bandcamp fridays in the future…

Dream On by The Wild Ones is one of my all-time favorite albums. They‘re a girl-group I feel is best described as doo-wop meets surf rock meets pop-punk. 1000% my jam! I’m pretty sure they broke up buy I desperately want I want more music in their style!

[Gentle Leader by Peach Kelli Pop]( is another album I love. It's girly lo-fi pop-punk I can't get enough of!

[Try Your Best by Mommy Long Legs]( is edgier and more distortion-heavy but still girly punk.

I'm lukewarm on a lot of vaporwave/future-funk out there, but I've found myself listening to [Panic Pop's 5!ve 5tar]( pretty regularly. IMO it's pretty good stuff.

IDK! To me Bandcamp is mostly for girl-punk and future-funk. I'm looking forward to hearing other folks' suggestions!

Here’s a bunch of my most listened to albums from bandcamp—wanted to take more time to discuss them, but since it’s already Friday I figured I would just list them for now:

Bandcamp Friday returns tomorrow! I'm planning on getting Tom Cardy's Artificial Intelligence.

He's gotten big on social media last year and if you like comedy and synthpop, you may like his stuff!

"Glass Cassette's songs are entirely based around samples and loops from Jonathan's 2001 high school choir concert cassette, a warped VHS with local news, French 101 assessments, field recordings, and beats created from samples of office supplies and tools."

PWYC to have your face ripped off:



I've been listening to this group a lot lately. Spotify recommended me a song from that first album ("Black Willow") in June of 2020, and I had lost track of it until recently listening to my Liked Songs on shuffle—I found it again on the same day I finished Kentucky Route Zero, which, to my surprise, concluded with a [song]( sung by the Loma vocalist. Very odd coincidence.

"Sundogs" from that first album is a piece of work

Just found this:

final boss of the ramones discography

what the heck

@“kory”#p60763 not a fan of this. it is not ‘ epic ‘

epic games? more like lame lames

Honestly I can't even be bothered thinking about the implications. Reading that news this morning, all my brain could muster was something like a vomiting emoji.