Best fan games or community mods that are full games.

@Lacquerware#10109 wow, I never heard this story!! Did the relationship between Seow Zong Hui and capcom continue after that or was that the end of it?

@exodus#10857 That was pretty much it, save for a patch (or maybe a few, I can‘t remember’) he did after the initial launch. It might have gone on longer but this was all orchestrated by our VP of marketing, who left the company not too long after. Frankly I think he had to bend some truths to sneak SFxMM by Japan in the first place (calling it a marketing asset rather than a game, etc).

Come to think of it, someone recently pointed out it was originally called _Mega Man X Street Fighter_ (i.e. the title order was reversed); I wonder if switching the order created some kind of loophole since Street Fighter was a Capcom USA IP, not Capcom Japan's. Anyway I don't think CJ was very happy about it. ^^;

One of the big issues with capcom USA has been its revolving doors - I worked with three (four?) separate producers during the development of Street Fighter 30th anniversary collection because the prior one would either leave or get let go or something else. It's a big reason two features I 90% finished are not in the game!

@exodus#10922 Well that fact is gonna eat me up with wondering.

eh, it's not that cool realistically

@exodus#10922 Yeah turnover was quite high, especially with producers. The Street Fighter team had its own unique dysfunctions as well, although I'm not sure exactly what that team looked like after early 2016.

@Syzygy#9111 Missing out big time. It's important to be aware of our blind spots. That Tactics Ogre hack looks gnarly.

I sometimes forget that the original Counter-Strike was a Half Life mod that Valve picked up and ran with. This is pretty mainstream obviously, but also maybe represents the most successful example of what we're discussing?

Super Mario Bros. Peach's Adventure might be the furthest expansion of what Super Mario Bros. is at its core that I‘ve played. The world building feels like it took a page out of the Kero Blaster / Cave Story book. I guess you could say it’s what SMB would feel like if it was more like Kero Blaster.

Characters‘ desks and furniture is well though out. Just about every stage has its own song, all of which are making good use of the SNES’ sound as well as serve the game contextually, unlike lots of hacks that sound like slapped together MIDIs. I'm wondering who did all the sound programming and the original compositions. The use of the mario 3 flying tweeting sound in a song has been done before, but is still brilliant.

I just fought a boss that was a thwomp which generates an enemy when it lands. Not going to spoil how to kill it, but it felt like a boss that was implemented in a way that's in alignment with what a classic mario game would present.
I was expecting just a pretty decent, linear progression like most mario hacks. Nah, this is a full game, with branching
paths that are very satisfying.
The irony is that on top of all these incredibly tasteful, on-brand decisions, the game is starring what is essentially the creator's chibi peach OC. I think it will continue to get a lot of praise and more recognition as time goes on, it's a very masterful hack, unlike much else. The presentation is untouchable. Some of what I love about it is just my personal taste, though.
there's a lot more going on here than meets the eye at first glance. ||the first hidden exit leads to a waterfall, when you enter the stage, you fall down the waterfall into hydrocity zone. It combines the in-stage storytelling of sonic with the storytelling of the map graphics of SMW.|| It seamlessly combines elements from SMB1-4, as well as sonic. I just ||went through a side warp that took me through a snowy version of SMB1 1-3 for an extra fire flower before returning to the other side of the stage.|| stage where you fly a lot has a theme that sounds like ||a FF airship theme, with trumpets and chill baseline.|| You may not notice until you use an ice flower, but coins now have physics as well. ||I am now swimming though cereal and milk in a breakfast themed stage.||

This certainly builds on the original F-zero

Of course I am now cursed to want to have the set up to play this game with 4 linked SNES console for my very own.

I recently played Quake for the first time with the re-release, and was so impressed by what MachineGames did with their new expansion Dimension of the Machine. I heard the fidelity was on par with the current state of the Quake modding community, so I started digging in with the help of Robert Yang's list of recommendations on RPS and some guidance on getting it to run on a Mac.

I just finished a mod called [Alkaline](, that released this past June. It has a central hub, 9 new maps built around the 'base' sci-fi theme, new enemies, an original soundtrack and some new weapons. I really enjoyed playing through a few maps each night and chiseling my way through. The level variety is excellent in both visuals and encounter design, and breaks away from the original tone and texture palette of Quake.

Here's someone's play-through of my favorite map:

Not sure what thread this is more suited for, but it's directly imitating several matsuno games, so here


I liked this more than the official 3DS game:

[upl-image-preview url=]

Great era-appropriate trailer for a fan mod of Star Fox.

@“sdate”#p103984 The Specialists used to be one of my favorite games back in 2002 and was probably the first mod I ever found (along with Sven Coop). Being able to dive around in slo-motion, switching between first and third person with a keystroke, and kicking other players guns out of their hands was mind blowing at the time.

Haven't had a PC since then, so its been a long time since I've played it, but watching that Action Quake vid with all of those clunky sound effects and custom server sounds made me really nostalgic for it. Thanks for posting!

need to be on these forums more but saw this and thought it was worth sharing in this thread to boost it if it hasnt been shared otherwise

love this idea for a doom level and its got an incredible sentiment, highly recommend

Gameboy fan port of CDi Zelda's Adventure!

I’m crying dude. Goemon’s Great adventure is so important to me. Smash remix is the best. They always make really tasteful choices for something like this

### 育生!!!

Seems cool like Coral Version, not sure if I will like it as much as that. someone else give it a try and tell me what ya think?

the name itself “Pokemon Quarantine Crystal” already puts up some flags for me, but it seems to be of high quality.