Best fan games or community mods that are full games.

A friend was showing some of his Portal 2 custom workshopped maps and we started talking about other great mods and maps of games.


I immediately thought of the incredible Sonic [Robo Blast 2]( which is a phenomal 3d Sonic game in the doom engine

My friend showed me his [Portal 2 maps]( that were constrained to be 5x5x5

He mentioned [horror themed portal maps]( and I remembered the incredible horror themed animal crossing dream towns

Let me know what other good communities for fan work or just real good fan works that kinda ascend to being "its own thing"

Haven‘t tried it yet, but isn’t that Sonic Kart game supposed to be very good? Don‘t know if it’s the same thing @Just_Walli posted in their message, I‘m confused because it doesn’t seem so?

@JoJoestar#9088 I meant to post that! I posted the original Sonic Robo Blast 2 but there are mods for it including the kart racer you posted and even a Sonic Riders game

@Syzygy#9066 oh this owns this is exactly what I wanted

there‘s this’n, though it skirts the line since it's a mashup I guess.

Oh wow am I reading correctly and that FF6 hack is now entirely in English barring a few glitch type things keeping it from a 1.0 release?

@exodus#9106 omg I saw ur thread before thru the algorithm but I hadnt followed you then lol

This is the exact stuff I love with official art to boot thats so cool !

@Syzygy#9111 YES I WANT MORE SNES JRPG thank u

do flash games count? lol. becoz, for some reason I remembered Rokko Chan, and it was real good!

it's a Megaman clone, but a very good one! or at least, I remember it was real good!

I should probably play it again before flash goes away lol

Just discovered about this one yesterday and looks super interesting, sort of a halfway point between a new game and a jam.


One of the biggest classic “events” of this year is here! 14 talented (anonymously for now) builders from the Tomb Raider Level Editor community have just released their Persian-themed levels through, using only the supplied object and texture set - all made by the Tomb Raider 4's engine.


The theme for Back to Basics 2016 is Persia. For a long time there existed comparisons between Tomb Raider and Prince of Persia games. Now Lara Croft will get her chance to explore the exotic palaces of the Persian Empire. Lara may also venture to explore the ruins of Uruk, Arabic, Assyrian or Sumerian ancient cultures to solve hidden mysteries. It’s up to the imagination of the builders.

So recently, this relatively inexpensive line of linux handhelds got a massive update to a current linux kernel and some substantial bugfixes to their previously buggy graphics drivers. As a fun little project I ported OpenXcom over, wrote some controller support in, etc. It's a lot of fun playing it on the funky little milled aluminum RG350m.

Anyway, that's not the cool thing. While working on this I was going through the forums and it turns out there's a whole world of total conversion mods for OpenXcom that build on the original game. I've been poking around with The X-Com Files, a sorta drastic expansion over the original game that starts you out with two agents and a car, a couple of scientists, and that's about it. You go around, investigate cults, gangs, cryptids, werewolves, etc. As the name implies it's heavily inspired by the X Files as well, so if you enjoy that show, this is probably the closest you're going to get to it in a management-simulation type of package. Lot of expansions on the original game: dogs, flashlights, lower-tech weapons, etc. Very cool imo. Obligatory screenshot:

There's also The World of Terrifying Silence, an expansion on the sort of half-baked Terror From the Deep that stays true to its themes while also providing a more complete game experience.

Probably most famous of the total conversions though is X-Piratez, which is basically like if Xcom were a movie franchise that kept going on for way too long. The premise is that the Xcom organization from the original game has failed, it's the far future, you are a band of mutant woman pirates trying to survive in the postapocalypse. It's one of those things that has been quietly developing for several years with a devoted fanbase and even-more-devoted developers. It's got some pretty horny art direction.

There's a lot of other stuff out there too. Some rebalance mods, a warhammer 40k inspired one, one where aliens attack during World War 1, soundtrack rearrangements, etc. It's cool stuff. There's also my [RG350m port]( if anyone's got one of those knocking around. Doesn't support the mods that require OpenXcom Extended (yet), but it's still pretty good imo.

@p3ters#9269 It might already be backed up in flashpoint, and having just backed up something myself recently, I can attest it is pretty simple to do yourself if you want to save it for the future.

One of my favourite games is SkyGunner for the PS2, which was the only title made by PixelArts. They made the game, then appear to have vanished without giving it a follow up or making anything else. Some enterprising fans made a doujin sequel called Gunner's Heart, and while it's a rail shooter instead of free flying, it's still a ton of fun and true to the feeling of the original.

@donrumata#9424 by coincidence I did recently pick up an rg350 so yes I will give this a go gracias

ahh, I didn‘t know about gunner’s heart! I‘ll have to give this a go. I didn’t like SkyGunner back in 2002 or whatever, but I rather like it now, and the idea of SkyGunner with simpler flight is quite appealing.


Rayman Redemption is a reimagination of the original Rayman game from 1995. It features a lot of new content, including new worlds, levels, minigames and other stuff to collect and complete.

Not technically a FULL game, but enough of a game that I think it counts here:

This is a fan remake of the original Star Wars: Dark Forces built as a mod for Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy. I can't seem to find a decent video of it in action that isn't from a new user's unofficial continuation of the project, but when I played it back in like uh....2005 or so, there were only two levels. Both of them were painstakingly fantastic reconstructions of the original levels from the 1995 original. I guess they added four additional levels in the years after I'd moved on from Jedi Academy. If the next four levels are as good as the first two were, then this is one HECK of a taste of what modders were capable of with the available tools at the time.

@Syzygy#9649 I watched it and I do regret it. Wow I want that game bad

I think I've seen most of these before but God it makes me happy seeing them all together. What well done projects!!

@flcl4evr#9651 that reminds me of a Jedi Academy mod that was run at GDQ !

I dont have Jedi Academy but have seen a lot of real cool stuff for it. Didnt they get online working for Switch a few months ago too?

Unsure why it came back up in my head but I gotta shout out the absurdly well made Jenka's Nightmare, a pretty popular Cave Story fangame with redesigned levels, some new guns, all made in the same engine with a most of the same assets. Feels more like a Majoras Mask, or Kiwami than anything else its great!

((Is majoras mask an asset flip fan game of OoT? Are the Kiwami games flips of 0 and 6??))

@Syzygy#9649 I‘m glad someone remembers this! I was a fly on the wall at Capcom when SFxMM happened. As I remember it, the game’s creator, Seow Zong Hui, walked up to the Capcom USA VP of Marketing at EVO one year and handed him a thumb drive with the game. We were eager to have something to please Mega Man fans after the string of game cancellations, so the veep jumped on the opportunity, performed a bunch of weird string-pulling and maybe a bit of subterfuge, and helped fund the rest of the game‘s development. Fun fact: there’s a Mega Man-style sprite of me and several other Capcom staffers at the end of the game, even though I was barely involved. What an honor!

Chao World Extended - Sonic Adventure 2 Battle, Project Plus - SSB Brawl, SSB 199x - smash 64

The currently in development fan translation of Doubutsu no Mori E+ seems like they are including tons of optional features that make it more like the ultimate pc version of AC GCN.