Best non-arcade games to play with a fight stick

Hey everyone! I just grabbed myself a fight stick to use on the PC and Switch and I‘ve been looking at what kind of games I can use it with, besides the obvious ones. We all know that games that have their roots in the arcade like fighting games, shmups, and beat ’em ups are really fun to play with fightsticks but are there any other games you consider to be really fun to play with that way? One example of this might be how Frank Cifaldi mentioned playing Hollow Knight with a fightstick and enjoying it.

the way the dragon controls felt really cool when I played using my friend's Snes fight stick!

Oh man, I love playing classic sonic games with arcade sticks. You can really get a range of movement with a joystick out of the little guy vs a traditional gamepad.

In fact, try out lots of different platformers. I especially like playing the wonder boy games with a joystick since it was born in the arcades and transitioned to consoles.

@milo#16237 I always wanted to try this, since sonic feels so good on Neo geo pocket color! Also that’s mega dope, imagine playing maple story with an arcade stick.

-Metal Storm!


-Ice Climbers!

there's this famous STG player, Mark MSX, who has a podcast and youtube channel called The Electric Underground. I believe he once said he only plays on joysticks exclusively.

dude livestreamed himself speed running Super Metroid with a stick lol

I was playing NiGHTS the other night and thought of how fun it'd be with an arcade joystick!

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I will vote for Wing Commander: Privateer.

I loved this game, and it really felt good playing it with a joystick at the time.
Maybe the rest of the Wing Commander series, and perhaps Strike Commander ... but Privateer stands out from the crowd as far as I'm concerned.

I'm on-record as being a big PICO-8 fan and that system is architected around an 8-way joystick with two buttons. There are lots of cool games that people have made that play well on it. Head over to the BBS and play some.


I can attest, NiGHTS is great fun with an arcade joystick.

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You get a surprising range of motion out of an 8 way stick to really pull off those swoops and loops.