Best video game forests

please post your fav video game forests here. i would really like to see them. i like forests IRL as well but when i'm hiking through a nice one with my wife i often make the joke “this is just like in a video game lol”

to me a good VG forest is all about the visual and music combo. some of my favs (all PSX, whoops) are:

Shingo Forest from Star Ocean 2 (damb this game has good music. so much reverb)


Evil Forest from Final Fantasy IX


Any forest from Suikoden II. They are all soundtracked with just chirping birds but turns out there's no separate sound file of that available. Guess it's just me who would listen to that lol

Not a super interesting answer, but I love the Lost Woods in A Link to the Past. The way the fog clears after you get the Master Sword and then you get those patches of sunlight filtering through the leaves, that always stuck with me.

Also the initial Lost Woods theme from before you dispel the fog is one of my favorite Zelda tunes and I kind of wish it got remixed more in the other games

Oh! That first forest area in Threads of Fate. Not quite as cool visually but I love the music

A couple come to mind, but one of the more memorable was the white birch forest in the weird Nightmare Before Christmas PS2 game.

Man, Disney should give that license to someone again. NBC games weren't always good, but they were always kind of interesting.

Dreamcast Phantasy Star Online. :stuck_out_tongue: I don‘t just think it’s a nice forest, but it‘s one of my favorite 3D environments. They made an environment laid out like a simple walled maze look and feel like a larger environment. Something teeming with wild life lurking in the bushes. It’s charming.


Speaking of real life hiking wrt to this topic that the White Orchard section from the beginning of the witcher 3 was surprisingly atmospheric and true to life, and reminded me of the beech-maple forests in the upper midwest where I've done a good amount of backpacking. In fact I was disappointed when the game moved to more dramatic “fantasy fiction” terrain.


I loved the forests in Dragon's Dogma especially at nighttime when monsters leaped at you from the darkness while you hold out a torch. Classically tense.

@copySave#7907 Thanks for jogging my memory!

For a genuinely scary and difficult forest time, the Forbidden Woods in Bloodborne is tough to beat:

The Gormotti Forest in Xenoblade 2 is pretty, and the music that accompanies it helps sell the atmosphere:

I like the lighting and dappled shadows in Santalune Forest in Pokemon X/Y (this guy's commentary is kind of annoying, sorry):

Secret of the Forest has my favorite forest sounds, but Fiona's Forest is my favorite one to look at.

@GigaSlime#7872 I love Lost Woods in LttP too of course. The Threads of Fate tune is good. I was checkin out the composer but looks like he's out of the industry

@TheFragranceOfDarkCoffee#7879 didn't know this game existed

@sosadillatron#7881 I wanted to play PSO so badly. It always seemed hopelessly unattainable to 16 year old me

@yeso#7890 yeah I also noticed that watching a playthrough of Witcher 3. Most VG forests seem to be based on temperate rainforests in Japan or the American PNW (where I live)

@copySave#7907 I see this is for Switch now, I wanna check it out

@whatsarobot#7914 Always count on Mitsuda to drop a nice forest theme

@hellomrkearns fair

@Syzygy#7925 my last experience of this area was watching someone do a randomizer run of the game and Artorius spawned here. You could hear him rage-stomping around well before he actually appeared lol

@LuccaPucca#7942 slaps of course

Relevant pop quiz:

Can anyone identify the game my avatar is from?

I remember The Vanishing of Ethan Carter (which I had to look thru my Steam library just now to find the name of - I wanted badly to call it What Remains of Edith Finch lol) taking place in a pretty well-realized forest environment. In fact, that's kind of all I remember about the game!

For more stylized forests, two games I played recently, _A Short Hike_ and _Lonely Mountains: Downhill_ (another game whose name I needed to look up - I tend to refer to it as Bike Game) both capture the forest feeling well.



I was half-joking, but the little tree-tunnel on that track does make it feel like a real place.

@tombo#7958 well, I doubt you were trying to get it but you got it. I find the history of the people who developed it (whose name escapes me ATM) very interesting

@Moon#7959 oh hahah yeah i had missed your comment! it's The Endless Forest by Tale of Tales. they make pretty unusual stuff, i love it

@Moon#7959 It‘s pretty crazy that you asked this trivia question, because just yesterday, I was looking at your avatar and for the first time, realized, "Those ain’t no regular deer!" Very cool.