This my girlfriend's bird. His name is Pacino.

nesting falcon attacking people in downtown Chicago. Slashed a lawyer up pretty good

a couple years ago I was out hiking and ran into the same dilemma. Hikers heading the opposite direction were warning us about a goshawk divebombing people ahead. The thing to do is: put your hat on the end of your trekking pole and hold it above your head so the hawk goes for that rather than your real noggin.

@“connrrr”#p127877 what a cool bird

A friend of mine sent me this photo of a bird named lavender that they have at the farm where she works

@“deepspacefine”#p128040 Lavender is beautiful.

My neighbor has a chicken that hangs out in the front yard a lot. Every morning when I'm going to work I get to say hi to the chicken for a sec.

A bird slammed into my living room window today so I guess I'm going to need some bird-safe window dots soon.

My girls.



This is our dear Ruby, the most clingy and loving bird ever.

And this is Yoshi, playful like a 2 year toddler. Also extremely clingy.


Some nice birbs were out today