BLAST THAT #%^* HOMIE (#%%*homie, #%^*HOMIE)

This is what I was blasting last month:

After dark:

When I wanna spread thankfulness which is often:

When I’m riding with my homie:

When I just wanna chill and not disturb the increasingly rare peace:

Blasting ska after beating DKC:

I should just assemble playlists like a normal person.

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I only drive my internal combustion engine vehicle twice a month to move for street sweeping. When do I that this is the only song I’m blasting

Does anyone here blast tunes on their bicycle commute?

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blasted this one on the bike ride to work 2day. on my headphones though:

when i remember to charge my speaker i try to go for more calming music, for some reason


I’m working on the thesis here
About how without music, my reality of enjoying the ride becomes that much more fragile.
I might just get/build an even bigger speaker on my bicycle. Being aggressive may work, but adrenaline and anger ages you. Eye for an eye makes the whole world blind and I don’t wanna join in playing the same game as the people who bully me on the road.

Worst feeling in the world is leaving the house on bike w/ speaker mounted, then realizing the speaker battery is about to die. I’ve legit gone home to charge the speaker a bit and then head back out lol. Its very important to have music yes! Only thing keeping me sane dealing with dingus car drivers.