Bootleg systems

This came up in my facebook memories… Thinking about it now, I wish I had bought it.


oh dang, that rules. we‘ve gotta get taizohori in here! there are so many good-looking bootlegs out there, though they’re mostly crap I guess.

@hellomrkearns was doing a twitter thread of famiclones shaped like cars that would fit well in here!
there were more out there somewhere...

Years ago I had a Power Player system that I bought at a mall kiosk, it had a ton of games on it and plugged directly into the TV, and was built into an N64 controller. It was really fun! and then I fried it by putting in the wrong DC adapter!

@marlfuchs2#3774 those ones were really popular! I remember seeing them a few times at the mall. Having the cart slot on the back of the controller was pretty cool

I think the first time I heard about famiclones was reading tsr's NES archive. I probably wouldn't be as into old games if it wasn't for this site. It's still online, but checking it now it appears that some of the images are breaking!! Only found out years later that it was run by Kevin Gifford.
Here's the archive link to the pirate hardware/software section:

This one is fantastic:

also, the Bootleg Consoles Twitter account posts great ones every day.

I‘ve seen this auction for a few months. I’m tempted. It‘s got the box, PS2 controllers with Genesis pins and Joe & Mac 2 featuring Bobby’s World.

now that's a mashup!!

Probably eveyone saw this but:

@exodus#9082 i miss when technology was just two things taped together

this famiclone on aliexpress that's built into a little tv is making me want it if only as a desktop toy. and only like $33 with shipping

Yet another Famicar

@hellomrkearns#3785 i am losin my mind at that inappropriately realistic POWER GUN

I like the color of this toy

More on the Super Jeff saga. Like lots of people predicted, this is the work of Obvious Plant.
Here's the ebay link

And Twitter thread.


Crazy Boy

reminds me of this vending machine I saw in croatia in 2017 outside a grocery store

@“exodus”#p78197 i know which i'd rather have ;-D