Cars! ?

A great Japanese car commercial staring Meg Ryan chasing after a UFO.

“Navi Navi Dingo!”

@“billy”#p40572 I did it! Another car to boobs miles!

The hall of fame:

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Unfortunately the number doesn't look quite as good on a modern-ish display :(

Caught this guy at a stoplight. The car behind was backed up more than a cautious distance away

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Thank you, random Lexus GS300 driver with the hashiriya-style rear license plate bent and curled halfway up and slammed suspension spraying sparks all over the 405 at 1 am in the morning, for putting a much-needed smile on my face as your ridiculous ride passed me on the drive home from a shitty ass day of work

Look how cool this is

@"billy "#p41056 just want to mention I've never had a car with mileage this low, any car I got with 80085 miles would have to have been driven backward in time

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There was a car in my high school with the same Sega sticker but was white instead lol


I'm still waiting for Honda to make an electric vehicle in the US that looks as cute as the one it made for europe. Honda is one of the few car companies actively spending money to try to stop EV initiatives from moving forward though, which sucks.

Anyway, lots of time to wait, I sure can't afford a new car now anyway. I also am looking forward to a time when not EVERY new EV is a dang SUV. Who cares about SUVs! Parents and people who "like a big car" is who, but none of those people are me nor will they ever be. make me a honda prelude or porsche 944 EV plz.

Porsche sure does make the best looking EV on the market right now

And it sure is $100,000

@“exodus”#p57100 on the bright side, apparently it's easier than ever to get a cool old Japanese import in the States. Something about a law change that @Supcat knows more about than I do.


@“exodus”#p57100 waiting for Honda to make an electric vehicle in the US…

Pretty much in the same boat, here! I honestly would be happy driving my Honda forever if I was convinced it would last that long, but if I’m going to replace it I would much rather look into an EV. It annoys me that Tesla still seems to have the edge in terms of infrastructure, because these cars get on my nerves more each passing day… There’s always a long line of them in the parking lot at work and any time I walk close enough to one of them the headlights give a little flash, like “don’t even think of it, I’m watchin’ you, buddy!” Trust me, I wasn’t even _thinking_ about accosting your unattended vehicle until it drew attention to itself!

I have also been thinking recently about needing to make the eventual switch to a hybrid/EV and checked 'em out, really nothing that exciting out there and certainly nothing in my price range. Especially narrow selection of hatchbacks in the US, the only kind of car I wanna drive.

@“thebryanjzx90”#p57108 Yeah! That and the Audi e-tron GT. Which is essentially the same car, but cheaper and has physical buttons inside :+1:

This was too good

Man that flaming Toyota minivan really was a good twitter post