Cars! ?

We‘ve already got threads here for our own car history and for driving and racing games, but I thought it might be nice to start one that’s more ‘all purpose’.

To start, here's a video of the The 28th International Tokyo Motor Show (1989) uploaded by [Rhys/FlemishDog](

[“Car likers”,“Cars! \ud83d\ude97”]

this series of videos is real good

What does everyone think about the new Toyota GR86/BRZ?

Looking pretty nice from the front:

But what is going on with that rear? It looks more like an accord than a 2+2 RWD coupe.

The rear is also pretty much a copy of the new BRZ, as opposed to the front which at least has some minor differences.

Overall I'm actually liking this as pretty much the same car as what I currently drive (2015 FRS) but with everything just a little bit better. Except for the tail lights.

My all time favorite



probably going to have to buy a car this summer. Feel weird about it bc I can’t quite afford an electric until they get closer to 20K than 30. There are lots of 2015 Nissan leafs out there with 70k miles on them not sure what to think about that.

Don’t feel good about buying a gas car either. Are we going to do something about climate change or not? Probably not. All of my used car experiences have been bad so leaning towards new. I would like a manufacturer warranty. Not finding many options for manufacturer-certified pre-owned. Dilemmas from every angle unfortunately

@yeso#24977 From what I‘ve heard Nissan Leafs are not a good second hand purchase unless you only need it to drive short distances. You could always buy a hybrid, they’re insanely economical, I have a CRZ and went on holiday over the long weekend and only had to fill up once over a ~700 km round trip, where filling up was only 30 litres.

@SuperEffective#24958 Wow! I've never seen a Supra look that good.

@beets#25037 it just looks like what would happen if a droplet of water somehow accumulated the essence of 500 horsepower.

@beets#25037 have a couple multi hour drives to backpacking trails lined up this summer so am making a point to test drive a couple compacts. I know they'll probably suck on the interstate but I suppose it will help me choose between a fit, mazda 3, spark etc

I‘m not sure why but I’ve been researching the Honda S660.α.jpg

It seems like a cool car without anything that would make a car practical, cramped, no storage, bad visibilty, really slow.

I still really want to drive it though.

Looking into it I found out about other interesting kei cars most notably the Autozam AZ-1.

It's hilarious! It looks like its from a videogame. I love it.

@thebryanjzx90#24933 I‘ve been driving a 2014 Scion FR-S since 2013 and I love it, but I’m going to seriously look at the GR86 later this year. I'd like a newer and nicer interior with some more power for driving in the mountains and for some road trips. Really looking forward to this one

Does anyone else get a little weirded out when you are driving around town and you see one of those large box trucks with the fully exposed drive shafts that's just twirling around freely in the air slung down low under the truck


Years ago, I had a 1992 Nissan Stanza. It was a very nice car for what it was, and very reliable.

I'm driving down 95 in the left lane, and I see what I think is a whole-ass exhaust system in the middle of the lane. It's too late to switch lanes (there's traffic next to me) and I can't slow down quickly enough, so I cross my fingers and run it over, assuming exhausts are hollow anyway so maybe I just crush it like a tin can.

My left two tires immediately burst.

I pull into the emergency lane to assess the damage, and notice a garbage truck about 100 yards ahead stopped, same way, with emergency lights blinking. I run up to him and say "Hey, did you hit that exhaust system too?"

"No, my driveshaft came off."

"I think we need to swap insurance info."

woah woah holy crap Acura is going to make another Integra

have a fun time with my ongoing cool car thread

Just thought I‘d let everyone know my important news. After getting my last two cars to boobs miles, my current car is sitting at 79800 miles. It’s happening again! Probably this week! Wish me luck everybody.

praying 4 a safe and happy 80085

@“hellomrkearns”#p40571 that is quite a lot of 80s JDM goodness, I wouldn't be surprised if NZ has more of some of those cars than Japan does at this point.

That Integra might be the first new car I ever buy, I will definitely keep it on my radar. I considered buying an integra when last looking for a car but got a CR-Z instead.

In other Honda news, they revealed the NSX Type S. A very hip car if you have a spare million dollars lying around.

@“thebryanjzx90”#p40615 it certainly feels that way living here. It's much easier to buy a used Japanese import than a used NZ made car. Like I mentioned earlier in the car history thread, our current car is an imported 2012 Toyota Avensis station wagon (not something that would ever make my Twitter thread).