I don’t have any cats living with me because my partner is tragically allergic, but I did take some photos of the cats that live with my brother and his partner on a recent trip. They’re real models.



I’ll be honest, when I first saw that photo I thought the wallpaper was tiny little golden paw prints.

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Here is Iggy (big cat) and Roky (small cat) about 3 days after we brought Roky home, and Iggy got sort of comfortable with him instead of hissing at him a lot.

Now they are for sure buds!


cat sat on the armchair and watched a good 45 minutes of Zone of Interest with us. History buff I guess


Got an IPhone with the 0.5x zoom, here is a fraction of my spoils + bonus yawn


Little Kiki under the door:

Little Aki under the couch (it was a blind photo but I think it still worked okay!):





this dude does not usually like sitting on laps but i guess he wanted to make an exception today


I was directed to post here after my intro so here is my Little Guy, a fashionable tuxedo named Scotty (we didn’t name him, if my partner had her way he’d be named Mister Cat).


Yesterday afternoon.

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This is an album cover if I’ve ever seen one.


There’s 3 cats in campus where I work. One of them let me pet her and hanged out with me the first day I was there for my interview. The other wasn’t so friendly but only ran away when I tried to touch them and the third one I think is kinda feral.

I named the cat who liked me "Puri’ after finding her hanging out spots and winning her over even more with cat treats I brought with me. Been hanging out with her daily on my lunch time since then.

On Tuesday I found the second cat which I hadn’t seen in a while and upon smelling the treats I had with me turned into a sweetheart and started rubbing on my legs and jumping on me, they are harder to find and I don’t know what their spots are exactly but I do know where their water and food plates are. Haven’t seen them since then. They were so excited and crazy when I was around that it was hard to take a good photo of this cat. They’d shove their face into my phone as soon as I take it off my purse to take a photo lol
Haven’t named this one cause I’ve only hanged out with them once.

The third cat I’ve only seen from afar and running and I couldn’t even convince them to let me get near with treats.
I keep some treats with me in a plastic bottle that used to hold vitamins and I’ve been trying to get the cats to associate the sound of the bottle cap turning (it is push and turn to open so it makes a loud noise when i turn it without pushing) with treats and I’m going to spin that cap when walking around campus in case I pass by them but they are sleeping behind plants and bushes or something


Milo update:


These two are not having a good time :( the little one’s kidneys are failing and the other one has been acting very strange the past few days, he’s been gagging here and there and was coughing a bit. he had some throat issues due to a lump that got removed but my gf’s dad (cat vet) suspects cancer given his history… will get a CT scan tomorrow.

these are my gf’s cats, but i’ve hung out with them a lot when im here visiting. it’s quite worrisome and my gf is very sad. cat vet says theres not much else to do for the little one except wait and see if he improves but it doesn’t look good :((((

give ur cats some love and kindly ask them if they can channel positive cat Nen to these two so they get better!



How are these two doing? :heart::heart:

Ahh not good, but we are taking it in stride. CT scan came back and Bogie here has a tumor in his brain, so not good. He’s fine for now while we wait and see what next steps would be. Bogie’s an old man now so highly invasive surgery might not be viable, but who knows. The tumor can get big enough to cause seizures and behavioral changes.

I’ve mentioned it before but Bogie lives with his grandfather who is a cat vet so he’s in the best hands a cat could be. Meanwhile we are enjoying our time with him.

Unfortunately, little Mister is still not doing well and not eating much, though he still likes to hangout and roam around the house. His situation is much more dire but it feels more unfair given how young he is. This picture is from before he got sick, he looks much much skinnier now and I just feel real bad for him. We might have to say goodbye soon :frowning:

Wish I had better news so as to not make the vibes in here extra sad but such is life!