Celebrate Your (Game) Boys!

Today is the 20th anniversary of the Gameboy Advance, so I thought a gameboy appreciation thread might be in order. Show off your favorite Boys!


@CidNight#33543 Pictured here, my most valuable video game object (that Famicom edition Micro) and my very favorite video game object (my NES themed SP).

Oh dang, a quick google search reveals that SP is also quite valuable! I'd never sell it, it's my baby.

There’s (almost) my entire GBA cart compatible collection! (My original white launch model could not be located presently for the family portrait) Happy birthday to the console that alternates with the DS for my favorite ever (I usually give it to the DS on a technicality because it plays the GBA carts).

I am so happy to have one of the famicom micros, but the screen is just too darn small for me to really use…I think I soured myself on it trying to play FFIV, so that’s my fault. The custom SFC model is from [Rose Colored Gaming](https://rosecoloredgaming.com/). If I had to pick a favorite it would definitely be the SP—still the perfect form factor and probably the best hinge Nintendo has ever produced. The adorable pika one is may favorite (and has the newer screen) but I credit the black SP I bought in college along with warioware and the smw port for restoring my waning interest in video games.

Thank you for everything, GBA, you were certainly Advance for your time

@kory#33547 well now I want to tell all of the stories! The brick gameboy was originally my big brothers and has been in my family since the early 90s. It still works! Although the screen is in rough shape and the plastic cover on the screen falls off without the aid of gravity. The famicom micro was a Christmas gift for my girlfriend (now wife) our first year dating. The blue and pink DSssesesss were our couples gameboys. Very gender normative of us. The SP was mine in high school. I have absolutely crystal clear memories of sitting in my bed at my parents’ house, playing Final Fantasy Tactics Advance while listening to John Mayer on a portable CD player. Jesus.

Hi, long time game boy first time game boy poster. This is the only video game collection I can say I have, since the only other physical game things I own are a PS4, a PS3 and maybe two dozen games between them.


I've probably spent more time on these consoles than in primary schooling

The bottom 3ds still sees frequent use

I can tell none of you gameboy micro haters have ever been deported, incarcerated, or on a stranded desert island. You will learn to love the gameboy micro, when it‘s the most bang for the real-estate when it comes to smuggling something over state line with 16gb of illicit roms, shrek 2, etc. or when you have a very tiny pocket.

Happy AGB Day

Glad you said “GB COMPATIBLES” cuz that’s how I think of it too.


Please take note below that with my direct lighting reading lamp, the agb-001 comes on top in most cases. :wink:


When I would go to DIY shows GBMicro was perfect to fit in my pocket with wallet, keys, phone, ear plugs. Perfect to play on the subway. But nowadays if I go anywhere I usually have a bag with me so I tend to take my AGS001 or one of my Macro XLs as if it gets damaged its no gigantic loss. Though I do keep them in zip up pouches.

Playing Mother 3 on a micro is like watching a 2 season telenovela, but viewed on a Printer Scanner Copyer Fax 4-in-one's display lcd.

By the way

### *I’m not BOY*

@treefroggy#33591 couldn't help but be reminded of this classic:


@“treefroggy”#p33591 Mother 3 is the only GBA game I’ve beaten on PSP. Still a great experience.

IMHO it is so easy to just buy a $12 repro nowadays that you have no excuse but to play on hardware and experience the way it was meant to be with perfect music battles! Everyone and their mom has access to SOME sort of GBA compatibles, and no matter what device it is, it’s worth playing MOTHER3 on it! Even if it’s on a 4 in 1 print fax copy scanner LCD!!!

Ha ha! I think it was because I was following the translation as it was happening and GBA flash carts were still a bit iffy at the time. It must have been 2009 when I was playing it. It felt very special at the time to be playing a game that was so sought after. What‘s funny is even 10 years on, people seem far more familiar with Earthbound over Mother 3. I’ve always found Earthbound to be a bit of a slog and never got very far in it, while Mother 3 is easy breezy.

Looks like this might be the way I get through Earthbound though https://cdromance.com/gba-roms/mother-12-english-patched/

My apologies for being a real noob, but what’s the deal with flash carts? Are these just like gameboy advance carts with roms on them that you can just play on a GBA?

@“CidNight”#p33692 Yup!


That rules

@“CidNight”#p33695 I will go hard for the GBA everdrive for above all letting you play E-reader games on it. Not that they are great, but it prevents them from being completely lost to time. But in terms of just playing GBA roms on a GBA, it is an excellent experience.

@“kory”#p33547 forgot to mention I love that N64 table, I remember the original ones from Dillards Dept. store as a kid, and then I remember the day I found the dude making custom replicas! I think, amongst the dumb gamer consumerism stuff I hate, this stands as a really excellent piece. versatile, simple, accurate to the original. : )

[upl-image-preview url=//i.imgur.com/6Ge6tdQ.jpeg]

My DS units included, the stack being a N3DS, N2DSXL and a DSiXL. (guest starring the game boy I have a weird fixation on)

I've pretty much shoved a replacement IPS screen in everything apart from the micro (of course) and the SP is my original unit, I had an AGB-001 before it but traded it for the SP at the time (and got Golden Sun 2 at the same time!). I think without flash cards the undying appeal of owning these would drop off for me, but I've had the Everdrives for a while now and they're really essential pieces of kit these days with the soaring prices of Game Boy games.

@"robinhoodie"#p33691 Oooh, I'd been eyeballing those Mother 1-2 GBA translations but wasn't aware they'd ever been truly finished? I might have to play those. I'd always wondered, is Earthbound 'essential reading' for Mother 3?

I'm glad also this forum doesn't treat flashcards as some awful subject, I got banned (temp) from ResetERA for asking what a homebrew release I got on that EZ Flash Jr was and I've had a chip on my shoulder ever since about that place. On it came two games, Samurai Kid and what turned out to be a port of the NES homebrew version of Chinese Paladin 1.

@“Syzygy”#p33716 That‘s an interesting way to put it and I like that. I’ve been umming and ahhing over starting Mother 3, the repro sitting in my GB Player for ages now.