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Unlike many of my stupid polls, there IS a correct answer here

@“Gaagaagiins”#p86053 responded assuming the single player experience and not the gambling industry massively multiplayer rake fest and cheating extravaganza that was the decade I played online poker.


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@“antillese”#p86055 oh absolutely. Definitely not actual online poker. GOD HAND'S casino a million more times than that

@“antillese”#p86055 Luigi-Jack and Picture Poker in Mario 64 DS and New Super Mario Bros. comprise the majority of my experience with either card game as implemented in video games, and Luigi-Jack is better

What type of poker are we talking? Two card / texas holdem is pretty boring without dialogue and money involved. Five card / Luigi Poker is pretty fun.

A good video game card game is Persona 5's [Tycoon](, which is basically Scum / President & A-holes / many other names.

I have no time for slot machines in games.

Poker is only any fun against human players. Blackjack against AI is less fun than against humans, but at least has the potential to be fun.

@“antillese”#p86055 my mom loved playing this blackjack mini game on my ds

Why did I make this poll go for a month

Also @“穴”#p86078 I keep thinking about your idea for a thread that‘s just polls, clearly if I haven’t been banned from the forum yet for my post crimes, perhaps the only real solution is to just make a poll whenever you feel like it, like I do

Also it's got me fucked up that, perhaps the most objectively correct online community for videogames in the world, could facilitate such a landslide victory for Blackjack, the worst card game

Blackjack is Go Fish tier fr

poker I hardly know her hyukhyikhyuk

As someone who only plays simulated card games to sate a ridiculous urge to tick video game boxes, I find the blackjack minigames easier to breeze through so they get my vote. :stuck_out_tongue:

@“Gaagaagiins”#p86086 my thread idea for a thread with just polls was a thread for people to nominate a couple of games they have been meaning to play and are readily available to them. and have everyone here vote on which of those games should they play next.

basically I'm really bad at deciding what to play so i wanted everyone here to decide for me. maybe I should just be a weirdo and start a new thread everytime I can't decide what to play lol

Thinking back it's funny how much time I spent with card games on the DS, between the mario games and this. As for the correct answer, I tried Blackjack in Yakuza 0 recently and as with Mahjong, Pool, Darts and Shogi I got completely owned. voted accordingly


@“beets”#p86075 What type of poker are we talking? Two card / texas holdem is pretty boring without dialogue and money involved. Five card / Luigi Poker is pretty fun.

I argue that most card games that are designed for gambling or score-chasing are generally not fun without some kind of stakes attached. This includes poker, hearts, bridge, and mahjong.

I will not take your bait (😋) about how you think that Community Card poker games (Holdem variants, Omaha, etc.) are not as much fun as Draw games*. And I'm going to point out that you don't even discuss Stud games (which is correct because they are both slow and boring).

*"Deuce-Seven Triple Draw" is the most fun Draw game. It's also a super wild high-variance action game. Which is why it's fun.

Very tangential: if someone can help me figure out why I cannot get the PS2 Neon Genesis Evangelion Pachinko game to load in emulation, I will commit to writing a thread about it. Hmmm… maybe I'll cross-post this in the emulation thread.

@“Syzygy”#p86146 Declaration games are the exclusive domain of Kitchen Table Poker. Which is fine, it‘s just totally not my bag. The only place I know of that may have spread them “recently” was 25 years ago at Hollywood Park in LA. Hi/Low split-pot games like my favorite Omaha 8-or-better is played “cards speak” and is lucrative recreational game at the low and mid stakes if you’re patient.

I agree that there's huge markets for Mahjong games both single player and semi-competitive. I'd argue that the single player ones are gambling simulations though, and when I looked into Mahjong Soul 5+ years ago I felt it was also gambling adjacent. Pro leagues have their inherent stakes attached to them too.

I'm not disputing it with you to belittle the games or the player bases at all. I'm suggesting that similar to playing for M&Ms, there's not an incentive to adjust strategy to play a hand fast or slow and thus the depth of the game doesn't generally come out in those environments. But it often does in the gambling simulations.

This stupid post was worth it just for that comment

I don‘t know how to play poker or black jack, I only ever taught myself how to play mahjong. I keep a set in my van, no one ever wants to play with me.

EDIT: I didn’t read any of the replies in this thread, of course someone already brought up mahjong. :cowboy_hat_face: