christmas music that is not christmas music

I know this is not what you had in mind but I’m never gonna sleep if I can’t share what I expected to see when I opened the thread.

Also, in theory [Let it Snow! Let it Snow! Let it Snow!]( would qualify within your guidelines as it surprisingly [does not make any reference to the Holidays season in its lyrics.]( But I get that this answer is not in the spirit of the thread.

Everything Mario 64 sounds like Christmas to me. I didn’t even discover the game during Christmas back then! Same goes for the four (mainline) Gambare Goemon games from the Super Famicom, only because I replayed them all on WiiU one Christmas in London (2013? 2014?). As I played through them, I would share both my thoughts and some seasonal greetings within their respective Miiverse channel communities, and as a result, I strongly associate these games and their tunes with the season now.

Getting out of video games for a minute, I have always felt that Char Aznable’s repertoire had a pretty strong Christmas vibe.

easily the album that sounds the most like christmas to me despite having nothing to do with christmas^1 is michigan by sufjan stevens. i listen to it extensively every winter. i threw on two of my favorite tracks from the album, “all good naysayers, speak up! or forever hold your peace!”

and "vito's ordination song"


1: it does have a pine tree on the cover, i hope that's not too christmassy. while that flower may resemble holly, however, it is actually an apple blossom, the state flower of michigan.

i was watching something that played a version of ode to joy/beethoven‘s 9th over the opening shot of christmassy streets. that’s not a piece of xmas music as far as i‘m aware, it’s just from the 1800s and the victorians were mad for all things christmas.


@“chazumaru”#p93691 I know this is not what you had in mind but I’m never gonna sleep if I can’t share what I expected to see when I opened the thread.

it's funny you should bring that up. my wife and i were in the kitchen a couple nights ago and i could hear my daughter in the other room listening to what i thought was that mariah carey song, and i say to my wife, who isn't a christmas music hater, (and also can't hear very well, so i know she didn't even know what i was talking about), "oh god, why is kat listening to christmas music?", to which she, my wife, just smiled smugly, but then i noticed thom yorke was the one singing, and my heart grew three sizes.

this was the inciting incident of this thread.


@“chazumaru”#p93691 Everything Mario 64 sounds like Christmas to me.

btw, i took it upon myself to add _inside the castle walls_ from _mario 64_ to the playlist, because i thought _cool cool mountain_ was too obvious. but since you got me on mario mode, i'll also add the _mario galaxy_ overworld waltz.

@“rootfifthoctave”#p93699 do you want to have your pick of these two versions of ode to joy?

@“pasquinelli”#p93707 Damn your kid is cool. A cool kat, dare I say.

Here is a personal Classic for Winter season: the George Benson album (1970) entirely made with covers from The Beatles’ Abbey Road (1969). Most famous for [Here Comes The Sun]( but the rest is great and cozy as well.

For some reason I can‘t add to it. Here’s my contribution. It's kind of a given:

If someone would like to add these (Boxing Day is a little explicit) (Quarter Flash is what you asked for)

Some Frightened Rabbit for you: Boxing Night

Some Quarter Flash: Let It Shine

@“bwood”#p93755 you're a line-stepper, and i respect it.


I think Quarterflash (I don't know the right way to write it) follows the rules the best, while the other entries could be considered cheats.

You've got me digging, though. I just discovered Yoshiko Miyazaki and her song "No Return," but I have to find a translation. It definitely has those early 80s Christmas vibes.

this playlist has some (if not many) songs that feel like they fit:

i contributed like 2 songs (the other people who added to it are much better at finding music!) but my favorite has christmas in the title!

i instead added a few other video game songs from wintery levels

@“NoJoTo”#p93789 iirc i was playing that alpha playlist last year over the holidays, it's very good, which is to be expected.

i'm currently trying to figure out a post hoc justification for adding that loading song from _knight arms_.

@“cass”#p93693 Sufjan has a couple Christmas records that I listen to a lot during the holidays, so all his music makes me think of the season.

If you haven't listened to _Songs for Christmas_ or _Silver & Gold_ they're pretty solid. A few really good originals on both of them.

non xmas songs with sleigh bells: “I Wanna Be Your Dog”, that one Royal Trux song, also that one Captain Beefheart song

i feel silly for not thinking of this one before.

i'm also sniffing around _hunter × hunter_ music, because i feel like there might be something there.


@“yeso”#p93821 “I Wanna Be Your Dog”

i'm just now learning that's the name of that song. wild.

@“yeso”#p93821 a bit generous to call what is almost definitely a tambourine “sleigh bells” on that stooges song >!or, show me to the disinformation thread at once! !<

@“rootfifthoctave”#p93966 take it up with www.songfacts dot com



on “Search And Destroy” you'll hear swords in the background.

one might if that record didn't sound like total shit. i still love it though.