Christmastime Holiday Media

The silly-season is upon us! Share some of your go-to holiday movies, music, books, games or whatever.

I'll start with the best Muppet/Christmas special:

@hellomrkearns#10367 That movie is an absolute masterpiece. We watch it several time every holiday season, and the kiddo love singing along with the songs in the car.

Since you already recommended my #1, here's my #2: How the Grinch Stole Christmas

I mean, technically…

Nothing warms my heart like this right here:


The holiday means nothing to me, but I have watched X-mas media on Christmas day with my best friend the last couple years, so I have two faves. Both are about being broke on Christmas.

One which has rocket up the charts as one of my favorite movies of all time

and of course Emmet Otter's Jug Band Christmas

Here's my YouTube Christmas music playlist!

It's all pretty non-mainstream stuff and some of those songs are definitely NSFW but I wanted it to stand apart from the standards everyone knows. Also it seems the YouTube police have shrunk it a bit since last year…

Awesome! These are some great specials. Of course, when it comes to Christmas cartoons, this is one of the first and best. If you can find the Blu-ray it looks incredible.

Also for music, I've been slowly adding songs I actually like to this playlist. Vince Guaraldi Trio is on there for sure.

This playlist isn't mine, but it's instrumental and relaxing.

I‘ve never heard of this Muppet Christmas Special! I guess it’s a bit before my time. In our household, Muppet Christmas Carol has always been the go-to. I‘ve watched it every Christmas eve for as long as I can remember being alive, and can recite almost all of Kermit’s lines, (but only Kermit‘s, for some reason.) I will probably get fairly emotional while watching this year, since my family isn’t able to meet up due to covid restrictions.

_It's a Wonderful Life_ is another one I watch every year, but I consider that a New Year's movie, just because it's more about reflecting on your life and figuring out what is important to you.

@wickedcestus#10375 great choices. I think you would like the Muppets Family Christmas. Its a quick watch and has lots of surprise guests. I won't spoil anything but the last scene chokes me up every time.

For more Muppet related fun, Emmet Otter's Jugband Christmas is a must.
The soundtrack was officially released a couple years ago and is excellent.

The only Christmas music for me.

Year Walk is good, simogo is good, play their games.

#1 for me is MST3K's “Santa Claus Conquers the Martians”

Sonic Christmas Blast, BAYBEE!

Always my go to, and then playing some Sonic 3D Blast (both Genesis & Saturn versions) around this time too. There was a contest to win a copy of the game on the USA network I think? Forget if it was the Genesis or Saturn version, though, but I always felt so excited to see it in commercials. Sonic is in 3D! Sort of! I gotta have this game!

Also the Rocko's Modern Life Christmas Special is specifically great just for this amazing holiday song:

The Real Ghostbusters Christmas episode, X-Mas Marks The Spot is also fantastic and, like most Real Ghostbusters episodes, incredibly well animated.

Outside of that, it's time to fully break out the Vince Guaraldi Charlie Brown Christmas soundtrack instead of tip-toeing around it during late October/November with the Great Pumpkin Waltz & Fall Leaves.

Also a good time to break out the Christmas 80s J-Pop! Especially fond of the usual JR X'mas Epress commercial theme, Christmas Eve by Yamashita Tatsuro.

A collection of those X'mas Express commercials:

Junichi Inagaki's Christmas Carol no Koro ni Wa

Yumiko Takahashi's album, Working on Xmas Day, specifically the bouncy, クリスマスなんて!

Good stuff. Feeling nostalgic for the last three or four years, being in snowy weather around the Holidays, working on my laptop in a little coffee shop while listening to these.

All this Japanese pop reminded me of a personal Christmas anthem. Kimura Kaela's “A winter fairy is melting a snowman.”

I‘m glad that I’m not the only one for whom winter holiday music == Japan. It‘s something my friends who don’t listen to Japanese music much find strange, and I'm not exactly sure how to explain it myself.

Here's my contribution:

And this is definitely not my contribution, but I feel like this thread can't be complete without it:

(btw @whatsarobot#10451 the song you posted is amazing)

@saddleblasters#10454 Right? Glad you dig it!

The ones you posted are also great! I hadn't heard most of 'em before.

Since I mentioned Hosono in another thread recently, here‘s a Christmas compilation that he worked on that I’m listening to right now:

this one is a bit cheezy, but i like it

also for my fellow Canadians

nice collection of other 80s/90s commercials for that real 'reason for the season' vibe