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starting to doubt if this is an official IQ test

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I don't think they give IQ scores as percentages but I can only conclude my IQ is 82. (Also this test had about 40 questions rather than the indicated 20...)

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not the prompt but I found an IQ test on and all it's doing is STEALING my iq points

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wow captain, do we have the same homepage?

365 days is one of the worst movies I've ever seen

g2g gotta watch Millennium Wolves


this has been so helpful keeping me asleep

y'all I know where to get botw2 lmao [upl-image-preview url=//]

I was curious so I clicked on it and you can technically buy it right now at that retailer, it doesn't say pre order anywhere but the catch is on the December 30 2022 estimate shipping date

The closest I get to ads nowadays is YouTube doing everything in its power to sneak a PewDiePie ad around my adblockers whenever I try to watch something, and there is no way in hell I'm clicking through on that.

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But when I click on the link...????? what the fuck is this bullshit:

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@“yeso”#p44733 that’s sean hannity’s wife? she looks just like him

@“esper”#p44750 He’s so self centered he married himself

…I hate being deceived/tricked…

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Article did not include Snake Child.

what are ads even for anymore? as far as i can tell, most ads are for website that serve you more ads. where does the rabbit hole end? what's the ad at the root of this wicked tree?

@“gate”#p46442 buy Coca Cola

OK so I just commented “Fur-za Hog-Rizon 5” in the Sonic thread

Then I was wondering if replacing only part of a word without creating a double meaning is truly a pun

So I googled “is partial replacement a pun”

The number one result is a must read:

Some real deep web stuff. I sincerely hope this was written by an AI and not a person.


  • 2.

    Why does my brother always attack my knees playfully? Well, he really gets a kick out of it.

  • 7.

    Why did the man with the bad knee go to the mathematician? Because his knees were giving him problems he couldn't solve. - This does not seem specific to knees??

  • 8.

    What should one be calling a knee that bees like to sit on? You call it a ho-knee! lol

  • 12.

    What is the cartoon about knees, that everyone loves to see, known as? They are called a-knee-me! -Uhhh not if you speak English

  • 17.

    What was the doctor not too sure about the right knee replacement surgery? Because he was a cy-knee-c! -This is pretty highbrow stuff

  • Share your fav knee puns below


    @“BluntForceMama”#p50823 This does not seem specific to knees??

    dont't be such a knee-sayer

    @“dry cleaner for dogs”#p50824

  • 68. Why were the police trying to catch the knee surgery expert? This was because he had a lot of ammu-knee-tion!
  • ~~There is a deeper story of an armed and dangerous orthopedic surgeon going on here~~

    He was framed for the murder of his wife

    knee-r replicant

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    They didn't write "FUN-KNEE JOKES" I'm disappointed

    If we‘re doing bad puns in here now, I came across this the other day and couldn’t work out if I loved or hated it, so I guess it must be perfect