Complex Games You Can/Could Play Without Reading/Hearing

So recently I was looking through a bunch of games I have played, and many of them, I realized that even without any text to give me valuable information (such as character dialogue explaining something or text boxes telling me what something is), that I could have played them from start to finish probably fairly easily, given what I know now.

Which then lead to me wondering, would I have been able to beat these games without any prior knowledge at all and having never played them before, and I can honestly say, here are some that on VISUALS alone (no clues, no informational text, no dialogue) I could beat:

—Resident Evil 1 / 2 / 3 (PS1)
—Resident Evil Outbreak File #1 & File #2 (PS2)
—Overblood (PS1)

Now of course, I would even say many RPGs, just in images alone, could probably also be beaten if you have absolutely no idea what anything is.

So, what about the rest of you? Looking over COMPLEX games you have played (i.e. RPGs, tactical, etc... not FPS games (unless its like campaign stuff with no speech, no text boxes to tell you the objective, etc) or platformers (unless its one where you have to backtrack and actually talk to NPCs to learn something or get clues on where to go or what to do).

Basically games where you have to pay close attention to what people say or what the scene shows to clue you in. With those kind of games, how far would you get without any help from the game itself?

I could probably beat the Ace Attorney games without reading anything just because I remember clearly what evidence I have to use. But if we‘re being fair, if you wouldn’t have played them before AND you weren't reading the text, still you could beat those games just by clicking at everything and going trial and error (you would certainly lose a lot of trials during the process, though). Which makes me think, every game is theoretically beatable by applying that concept of the monkeys hitting keys on a typewriter, I guess?

You would be surprised.

Meet FreddieHigh1:

Freddie has bad eyesight, is completely deaf oh and he has movement in only 1 hand.
He is quadriplegic.

Freddie plays The Eliminator on Forza Horizon 5 with his one functioning hand on a digital keyboard.
For those who dont know what The Eliminator is, its a competitive online Battle Royal with cars and up to 72 players per session.

A race game, all digital on keyboard with the fingers of one hand online against up to 71 others, just think about how the odds are stacked against him.

Jesterday Fredie took his total win count from 92 to 95.

not exactly your criteria because it includes prior knowledge, but

I can, and have played pokemon red with a dead save battery on a red gameboy pocket with a completely disconnected and broken screen, going on audio cues alone, with no save function. I beat the game, utilizing the missingno glitch for unlimited rare candies and master balls. This was back in 2009, while I was in high school and living in a two door honda civic with my father, and no video games. I borrowed the broken device from the homie.

If I was into committed challenge runs, streaming, or had friends, I could do a complete sensory deprivation run, well, no audio or visuals, but still feeling my inputs. I know pokemon red/blue as well or better than anything else.

I'm probably not special in this day of AGDQ and I'm probably just using this thread to boast something I've already dropped on the forum before, but there ya go!