Computer Guild Game Club

Hello! A few months ago, some friends and I started a sort of book club but for retro games. I was bored one night and began working on branding for it. That work spiraled into building a whole wacky website from scratch with the help of my friends. The website documents what we have been doing with gameclub and I have been writing reviews for each game so far. The site is just about finished, so if you'd like you can check it out here.

I am also keeping a list of subscribers in a database to send email updates to. If you are interested in subscribing for email updates, you can do so on the [contact page of the website.](

Thank you very very much for reading and any input or thoughts are greatly appreciated! :)

@“Jus”#p134742 The site looks awesome! Great job.

The website is gorgeous. I also specifically like that the reviews are a short and punchy and have a lovely magazine-style layout. Something that IC-adjacent game touchers fall victim to (self-applied!) is that we need to have a bunch of deep thoughts about a game. It's OK to have a smaller-form conversation about them!

@“tomjonjon”#p134848 Thanks so much! First time building a site like this and first time finishing a site from scratch. I used the ‘Astro’ framework. Really excited to keep adding to it. Glad you like it! :slight_smile:

@“antillese”#p134854 Thank you!!! Yeah, I work as a graphic designer and my writing skills are not very strong. I really want to use this site to kind of cut my teeth and find my voice. Hopefully my writing isn't too bad right now haha! Also hoping the other members try out writing a review for one of these games. I am soooo glad you like the site! Thanks for commenting.

@“Jus”#p134860 I‘ll have to dig into Astro. I’ve been using Squarespace to “build” sites, which is easy but limiting and expensive!

The website looks very fun and cool. I like the color pallette and overall presentation. Harkens back to before everything was SOE and more lighthearted enthusiast. Good Luck with it.