Come ye faithful, tell us your sins, video game or otherwise.

I thought of this thread a long time ago when considering some horrible unspeakable evil I’d apparently committed, but now I can’t remember what that was. Today I’ll say I may talk a big game about Metal Gear Solid 4, but I hadn’t played it in two years (until moments ago—I have righted this wrong!) and haven’t played all the way through it since 2015. I played it seven times from 2010-2015 and not once in the time since.

I‘ve never sinned, so, I won’t be participating in this thread. Have fun everyone

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despite appearances, I HAVE played through and beaten mario 1, 2, and 3, whereas I have not beaten bonk 3 ever.

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@“Gaagaagiins”#p130699 that's narc behavior. gaagaagins is going to narc on our sins.

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@“穴”#p130703 that’s narc behavior. gaagaagins is going to narc on our sins.

W-wait, no, actually I love sin, I love sin so much and I sin so often that I don’t even know what to mention first, haha!! Should I just use this thread as a diary??


I’m sensing guts

I’ve never beaten God Hand and I OWN a physical copy.

Don’t get me wrong, I love the game. I just have so many games that I want to play. I need to get this one back into my main priority.

I can‘t believe I’m being copjacketed, and here, on the insert credit forums of all places, where my total and vicious contempt for narcs of all kind is well documented!!

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2 years ago-ish I needed money and I was looking at what video games to sell and I noticed my copy of super Mario 3d land was from an era where Nintendo sold officially refurbished games through ebay (don’t know what’s refurbished about it) and they added an ugly banner to the box art specifing that they are refurbished

I saw almost no trace of this on the internet and even less trace of copies like these being sold so I put my copy on ebay for something ridiculous like 380 bucks and I got an offer for 300 and I took it. So I kinda set the price for that version of that game??

I think In retrospective the severity of this sin will become lower when officially refurbished nintendo 3ds and wii u games are worth thousands of dollars


@“Gaagaagiins”#p130707 tell us one of your sins. that's the only way the insert credit anti narc squad will forgive you

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@“穴”#p130709 tell us one of your sins. that’s the only way the insert credit anti narc squad will forgive you

Ok, I remembered one, after playing the whole game more or less legit (used save states purely to save time), I cheesed the last boss of Zelda II because I thought it was total bullshit and just wanted to be done playing that weird ass game.

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@“JCP”#p130706 I’ve never beaten God Hand and I OWN a physical copy.

this is true of me as well but I luckily do not consider it a sin, so I am automatically absolved.

@“exodus”#p130713 This is even funnier considering that I recently bought a physical copy of Bullet Witch. I completed that game in a few days, and it’s way harder than God Hand. That airplane boss fight nearly broke me. Although I wouldn’t trade in anything for that experience.

When I was like 13, I played a bunch of the Newgrounds NSFW dating sims, such as SimGirls, and found it to be extremely fun and absolutely compelling. Horribly exploitative and misogynist and regressive, definitely should keep it away from children… but it also expanded my mind in terms of what a game could be.

I also tried the newgrounds games that were violent toward Britney Spears or N*sync or LeoNERDO de CRAPRIO or whoever was popular, because I was a cool goth with a dramatic AIM away message, and had life figured out.

Also at that age I’d log onto The Palace to play dress up and act like a lil freak.

Trying to think of a gamer sin that isn‘t just "I haven’t beat X game", because I generally tend not to finish games unless they really grab me. (Though, I haven‘t beat Earthbound despite Mother 3 being one of my favourite games, and I haven’t beat Doom or Quake despite currently developing an FPS…)

When I was 17 I worked at EB Games (now GameStop), during the course of which I probably sinned multiple times daily, selling bullshit warranties and underpaying for used games and such.

@“JCP”#p130715 I also finished bullet witch basically right away

Sony cancelling Soul Hackers for the PSX made me angrier than perhaps anything else had in my 15 or so years of living to that point. Even though they were only the messenger The GIA still had to reckon with a no doubt poorly worded email from me full of rage and feelings of betrayal.

Nevertheless, when the game finally was released in English on the 3DS like, what almost 20 years later? I purchased it, played it for maybe 15-20 minutes, put it down, and haven't touched it since.

When I was 10 I shoplifted the manual for Sonic 2 for Master System from a local game shop because my copy didn’t come with one. I was so guilty that I couldn’t play the game for years.

Still feels weird, although that shop did rob _me_ many years later when they forced me to buy my launch day PS2 with three games, a memory card and an extra controller if they were going to honour my pre-order.

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@“billy”#p130737 Fantavision?

@“whatsarobot”#p130741 caffeinated beverages had nothing to do with my decision making.

(tekken, ridge racer and ready 2 rumble I think)