I took a career aptitude test a few years ago and the results were so specific and humiliating that I really haven't shared them with anyone before

"you're hard-working and efficient"
"you would do well at managing people and increasing productivity"
"you perform well under stress"

Suggested career:

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@“Hunter”#p156424 doesn't sound like much of a promotion to me!


@“Tradegood”#p156434 this is very good


Born to mong fish

Forced to mong wars :frowning:

As a kid with a Cube I never played Super Monkey Ball, on the grounds that I didn't like the idea of the monkey not coming out of the ball and being unable to jump. When did he get to come out so I could run and jump around with him? Who would ever want to be stuck rolling a monkey (non-jumping)?


not a huge fan of amano's original art

I think the common consensus on the Fromsoft souls games is outrageous. The combat is subpar, especially compared to other games in the genre like Nioh, the way that they tells stories is purposely obtuse to easily cover up that they're actually terribly written, and they rely heavily on tropes or stuff that they just steal from Berserk.

But on the other hand, I've been playing the *Demon Soul's* remake and having a grand ol' time.

@“KingTubb”#p159964 inside us are two wolves with swords in their mouths

I looked up the answer to at least 4 of the puzzles in crow country.


I’m pretty sure that Dragon Quest V is the first JRPG I ever played for more than a few minutes, and that was only a few months ago.

I’m almost 44.


I have never used ChatGPT and I don’t know how to access it (don’t help me change that).


I used save states once or twice when I played Wizardry.


How does the priest respond when someone boasts of their good fortune in the confessional?


confession? More like praise be to connrrr!


i don’t think that smiling friends show is good or funny

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same boat. i got my fill talking to msn chatbots in 2006


this whole time i thought @TomoftheFog was actually named “tom the frog” :astonished:


Why isn’t it Tom The Frog? :thinking:


You’re not the first, I was name checked on the podcast like that, but due to our fearless leader both walking and trying to read and it being dark, I let it slide!

Because I need to do admin in France and people who know admin in France know why you try to avoid doing admin in France.

Full confession on why it’s my username here, it’s been my Xbox handle for about 17 years or so. It comes from my actual nickname, The Fog, but was expanded upon because that was taken. The first part was added as inspirition from a childhood book, Stig of the Dump and the rest is history.

I could just be Tom I guess, sans le brouillard!


the first final fantasy i ever played in full was………final fantasy xvi