Cool Cover Songs

I‘m perpetually delighted by the fact that a cover of King Crimson’s Epitaph by The Peanuts (a.k.a. the Mothra fairies in the Showa Godzilla films) exists

The Onion A.V. Club used to do this cool Youtube series called Undercover where they'd get bands to come in and record a cover from a predetermined list of songs each season. I discovered a lot of bands through that. I like this one, The Regrettes performing Fox on the Run

Give me your covers please

good topic idea!

got a few I've been listening to

This one always hits me like a well… freight train

and this, well this is a bop

is it a cover if they did the song originally?

What happens when Neil listens to Kraftwerk? An album so uncommercial and unrepresentative of his previous work that the record label filed a $3.3 million lawsuit against him.

Some standards

as alluded to above, the fall have some great covers

@well-adjusted-guy#16438 Damn I was coming in here to post Six Months In A Leaky Boat!!! Guess I'll just post these:

@sabertoothalex#16517 This takes me back to the early days of YouTube when this was one of the few Ted Leo videos online. This video also helped my teenage self get over thinking he's too cool to like pop music sometimes.

one of my favorites


also xiu xiu's entire Twin Peaks album, of course


i first learned about this great synthy cover of one of my favorite bowie songs from MGSV

imo this cover really accomplishes the rare feat of both reimagining and evoking the feel of the original


@kory#16628 I love that cover by Xiu Xiu. Can't believe I forgot about it.

@kory#16629 Love that version. I may actually like it more than the original. Bowie/Eno‘s own ’cover' is pretty great too.

Great thread! Lots of excellent stuff.

A cover of Kraftwerk:

A cover of a song by the Apartments:

A cover of a song by Tim Buckley (which also apparently inspired Julee Cruise's work in Twin Peaks?):

...and finally the best of all of these, another Kraftwerk song (and maybe my favourite cover, period):

@well-adjusted-guy#16438 Hell yeah Third Uncle!

I think Ki:Theory's cover of Enjoy The Silence is very good. It was in the trailer of that Ghost in the Shell live action remake.

I love Joanna Newsom. I think shes a great musician and a particularly brilliant lyricist. But while Joanna‘s voice has become more “palatable” to untrained ears on her later albums, it can be distracting for some to get past, particularly if they’re trying to take in the lyrics.

So I like recommending this cover, sometimes. It's very good and the vocals are way more legible so my hope is that it might help a listener actually follow the lyrics rather than leaving them like "wtf is this birdsong?".

I LOVE weird covers and could post a bunch here but I'm going to try to stick to just a few here.

"THE MOOG COOKBOOK" is an incredible two person band that did covers of classic songs with moog synthesizers. My favorite "cover band". I highly recommend listening to both of their full albums, but my favorite track has to be their cover of Weezers Buddy Holly
(A live set from the 90's)

My whole life I've been a fan of accapella music like Barbershop Quartet. While I cant stomach modern styled stuff like Pentatonix, occasionally a performance stands out to me.

This cover of Hotel Califonia is incredible, when the guy puts on his shades right before diving into the ending guitar solo, I think that's just so fucking cool. The ending solo melts my face.

Gonna squeeze one more accapella thing in here. This is less a "cover" and more a "performance of an old standard". This performance was the winner of that years national annual barbershop quartet contest, and it would have received an unprecedented perfect score if not for an automatic 1 point deduction for using a song that references religion. Is it perfect? Listen and judge for yourself. I think it's pretty fucking close.

Last one. I like this version so much more than the original and sometimes I sing this at full force when I'm home alone.

@kory#16628 I knew of Jamie from early SF days and it‘s an eternal bummer that the original incarnation of Xiu Xiu was unceremoniously destroyed when their van with all their gear including a gamelan setup was stolen. You can still hear some of that stuff on the first record but that van theft and some personal drama killed them. It’s a shame.


@Karasu#16674 A cover of a song by Tim Buckley

Weirdly this is probably Liz Fraser's best known song (thanks to David Lynch I guess), although I see some kids on tiktok using Heaven or Las Vegas in their vegan cottagecore memes. It's worth listening to Buckley's original if you aren't familiar -- I think Liz really tapped into the sorrow. If you weren't aware, she and _Jeff_ Buckley apparently had a thing going on towards the end of his life, and the relationship colored some of the final Cocteau lyrics she wrote. [A strange musical echo...](

Any Agnes Chan fans in here?
(she is cute, that is why she is called Agnes Chan)

@Moon#16703 aw yeah, that was a cool cover album. i particularly like that m ward cover of sadie.