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I feel like nice desktop pictures and phone/tablet/whatever backgrounds were easier to find when my resolution was 1440×900 and my go-to wallpapers were always illustrations by Teikoku Shounen aka Imperial Boy.

Now my resolution is exactly twice that and wallpapers are dynamic or live now too and I don’t really know where to find good hi-res pictures anymore. I think part of it also is that my devices come with decent enough stock walls that it has made me lazy about customizing my experience. I really miss having a nice illustration or photo I found in the wild on my desktop!

I got thinking about like desktop threads and anime wallpaper exchanges and stuff like that. Let’s have one of those! Where do you find wallpapers? Got any favourites you want to share? They don’t have to be anime!!


Fyi I did go looking and so far found this for macOS going back to 10.14 Mojave when they introduced dynamic wps. Haven’t dug into it yet, and don’t even yet know how to install (do they need to be installed?) dynamic wps.

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I haven’t thought about my desktop wallpaper in probably plural decades now. Maybe that makes me a boring person :frowning:

I … just never see it. I always have something maximised. On MacOS I use “spaces” and often have many maximised windows that I swap between. On my Windows PC I just alt tab between a bunch of stuff – but I only ever see the desktop for about ten seconds after turning the computer on.

On my phone, however, I grabbed a bunch of Mark Ferarri art and made a rotating gallery that shuffles those, since I actually see that background / wallpaper often.

Sorry if this isn’t helpful. Maybe you can find some of his stuff that is the correct aspect ratio to be able to scale it to fit your screen?


This is mostly true of me too. I got into the habit of fitting my browser to the screen (and just now realized I can just go straight up fullscreen and have the menu bar always visible) and I make copious use of spaces too, but not all of my spaces have something fullscreened. I always keep the mail app windowed with like a Finder window below it somewhere. I use the view desktop gesture a lot because I kind of keep a lot of files there (I’m trying to be tidier though).

at the risk of sounding pretentious, I like the look of a blown up abstract Monet


I’ve started using my own photography for wallpapers since I’ve started trying to learn. It’s so nice to open my computer and see a nice picture of a bird or something and then go ‘oh yeah, I took that!’.

For a while my desktop was always draped in Dead End Thrills game photography. Not sure if the site’s still going but they took some phenomenal shots in games well before in game photo modes became common.


Ever since high school, I’ve used this official wallpaper from the DS game Sakura Note (an emotional adventure game by the creator of Contact / background artist of Moon), that I edited into widescreen. (It’s not HD by modern standards, but who cares at a high DPI?)


This has been my recent well of motivation — the cigarette smoking race portion of a twinks v. dolls olympics


I will now be using this as well. I love Sakura Note, and you did a beautiful job with this. Thanks for sharing it!

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No way! Another human being that even knows about this v’game! You’re so cool!? Literally never encountered anyone else who’s heard of it, let alone has played it, let even aloner likes it. (It’s one of my favorites!)

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I’ve wanted to play Sakura Note since I looked at Akira Ueda’s other work craving more of what I got from Contact. I guess it’s a white whale of mine.


oh my god. Also can you give me a tour of your control center? What’s that timer and NBC peacock-looking thing up there?

Haha, of course — let’s see…

Going left to right, we’ve got Adobe CC, Tyme 2 (time tracking app for logging project hours), Cold Turkey (scheduled app/site blocker, not currently active… more on that later), Airplay, A couple “Apple Shortcuts” scripts, “Currently Playing”, Volume Control, Battery, Wifi, Control Center, Friday, April, Nearly 2:00 AM O_O (post-concert, blissed-out, tucked-in internet skimming).

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I can also highly recommend his Deltora Quest, also for the DS – it’s a game based on the anime based on an Australian children’s book series, but more importantly, it’s an action RPG crossed with a mouse maze Flash game. I really can’t describe it in any more accurate way. You control your character with the touch screen, but he essentially always snaps to exactly where your stylus is, and the environments are full of holes and traps – so a mouse maze game it is.

It’s in Japanese, but the gameplay is entirely enjoyable without following the story – and, of course, the Ueda backgrounds! They’re not quite as quaint or psychedelic as in Moon, nor as nostalgic and idyllic as in Sakura Note, but they nevertheless carry a cup of unmistakable charm.


Sakura Note and Deltora Quest were among the games that made me look at importing DS games back in the day, but I held off on them due to language barrier. Now though? Lemme at em!


What the absolute heck?! There was a Japanese exclusive Deltora Quest DS game?

Absolutely wild, how cool.

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Yeah Sakura Note rules! I’ve written about it on this here forum in the past, and I remember one or two other knower-abouters…

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does anyone have some cool wallpapers they like for ultra wide or vertical crops? i don’t want to deal with wallpaper engine anymore, i just want some Cool PNGs

my wallpaper is vertical, but my monitor is tiny, so you probably couldn’t use it.


haha, if it helps, i still use this in OS9 on occasion!

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