Creekgrin's Podcast Topic Drive!

Hey all, we over at Please Don't Listen to This, Your Life Depends On It! Have a problem- As of next week, we've finally run through all of our listener-suggested episodes! We need your help for more.

There are NO bad ideas, although my co-hosts do still have veto power. We cover a wide variety of topics, so anything would be appreciated!

We've done A LOT of movies, and plenty of games, though I won't turn down any of either. We'll do experiences like making exotic sandwiches and playing disc golf, We read Plato and designed neocities web pages.

You all have a diverse range of interests, so tell me what you like, what you care about, even as a passing interest and it might make for a good show. I'd appreciate anything you threw at me!

What‘s going on with edible insects these days? You ever seen that stuff like in a display all together in a regular grocery store? I have. It was weird. What’s going on with that

What’s the best religion?


People's Temple.

what's the 2022-2023 equivalent of 90s-style prank phone calls, and what happens when you do them? is it buying blue check mark twitter accounts for nefarious corporations and tanking their stocks? or is it something more innocuous?

Which TV judge would you want presiding over you if you were accused of murder?


@“thebryanjzx90”#p95210 Which TV judge would you want presiding over you if you were accused of murder?

Does the answer change depending on whether you did it or not

@“edward”#p95206 I’m not too familiar with Protestantism, sorry

I can feel this thread turning into “Questions that are too stupid for ‘Insert Credit Flavored Questions that are too stupid for the dirtbag.’”

Anyone can have my idea even the Get Played podcast

@“whatsarobot”#p95207 Writing down “humorous identity theft” for later, thank you!

Is there anything outside your normal comfort zone that you guys have tried, watched, played or otherwise lately?