Demonschool thread

On Sunday, June 12, starting 12:30pm pdt, because we are announcing our new game there. Our thing will be on closer to 1:30. I hope everybody likes it because if not I WILL cry. (I won't actually)

Anyway it'll be cool to have some people in there who I know might be into it so if you've got the time, please watch! I'll update this thread with info about the game once it's live.

Trailer is live. Please [wishlist Demonschool on steam]( lol.

@“exodus”#p73534 dang that's 5:30 in the morning for me so if i watch it i will cry (for real though).

any other way to support or tune in?

ahhh! I‘m pumped!! can’t wait to see what you all are making!!

@“whatsarobot”#p73535 you can just watch the trailer when it‘s out! And there’ll be wishlisting to do of course. Don't stay up til 5:30 am!!

@"marlfuchs2"#p73539 I hope people like it! I look at all the indies that break out as hits and I keep thinking we are Just Not Weird Enough but we shall see.

I've set an alarm for the start of the show. Looking forward to it!

Looks like we‘re in the same timezone, 5:30am monday morning for me also. However that monday is a public holiday, so it isn’t impossible!

Heck yeah, I‘m not only gonna watch but I’m also very excited to do it!

Here's a blurred image from our publisher!

so the game will have pink and purple AND nudity…can't wait

@“tapevulture”#p73612 it's just privacy protection for all the very real individuals in the screenshot (amusingly, that IS a screenshot from the game, and I can immediately tell what it is)

actually, I wonder what one of those AI upscalers would do this!

I mean, I'm down to extra support a publisher named after the Welsh word for ghost / spirit. Rad.

my best guess is that it has something to do with Magneto making out with Galactus

[upl-image-preview url=]

@“kory”#p73621 this does look like some modern art that would cost $1.5m if it were painted in 1963 though

I hope the PC Gaming Show will be less of a mess than the IGN Summer of Gaming Expo because I don’t think one could humanly remember one third of the games they randomly squished together in the big contents sausage factory.

@“chazumaru”#p73632 I hope so too! I have no idea what it‘ll be like, other than there’s a lot more Host Action, so maybe there'll be fewer games, with more ability to remember them? fingers crossed.

@“chazumaru”#p73632 Yeah I think watching all the other events so far, it has taught me that you really need the same hosts and camera filming style to gave the viewer a break. I think compared to some of the others IGN at least got that one thing right.

@“exodus”#p73634 at least it can’t possibly be as bad as The Devolver event… I like their games and Suda51 (I thought he was funny for a little bit), but the presentation was super cringe and just plain bad IMO. I couldn’t believe how many f-bombs they dropped in their skit. They were totally unnecessary and out of place too.

Watching that event made me appreciate how much better Tim’s writing was for that Thunderful event a while back.

Anyway, I hope the PC Games event is great! I’ll be watching and looking out for Necrosoft and your new game.

Oh wow… I was just reading up on how pc gamer presents its own show and… This is talking about us! I am surprised and finally actually feeling pressure nowwwwwwww

[upl-image-preview url=]

Heck yeah!!

[upl-image-preview url=]
_(edited to add a skeleton dancing)_

@“Danimal”#p73688 A friend younger than me not in the industry was talking about the Devolver Digital event and they told me they felt like the humor was something millennials and up might find funny, but not gen z. They described it as very 00‘s internet, bacon jokes, lol so random humor, and largely anyone under the age of 30 doesn’t find any of that stuff funny.