Discorse footnotes

Discourse has built-in functionality for adding footnotes to posts[1]. The preview panel draws them as footnotes and shows the full text, but the posts themselves once saved render them inline, with a “…” to click or tap on to view the footnote text.

There is a discourse admin setting to govern this rendering behaviour - could I please request that we modify it to not draw the footnotes inline?

(the setting is display footnotes inline)

how they draw inline within posts:

how they draw in the preview panel, and how I’m suggesting they should draw everywhere:

  1. like this ↩︎


I’ve used the inline footnotes a bit – what I truly would like is to be able to use both… I looked into this a few days ago figuring there’d be a setting to make the inline syntax (^[Blah blah blah]) result in inline footnotes, and the reference syntax ([^1] + [^1]: Blah blah blah) result in footy footnotes, but… it seems that’s not an option.

Overall, I would also prefer the out-of-line footnotes – they’re a bit more literary and thus more befitting for longer posts (as well as giving the reader the option to read them immediately or after reading the post), which is the main use case for footnotes anyway.


second example of how footnotes could work is sexy. I wanna feel like a novelist.