@“marxseny”#p156324 I hope Pumba got huge cuddles after those evil bad storms!!!

@“Tom of the Fog”#p156327 almost 3 hours in and still didn't have enough

It‘s this gentleman’s gotcha day today!

These are the photos from the greyhound adoption group (associated with greyhound racing, so... yuck) FB page, where we first saw him:

His first day at his new home:

And this week, living his best life:

As literally impossible as I know it is, I wish we could have at least another 7 years with him. Which is why we love him as much as we can while he's still sticking around 🖤


@“[daveednoo]”#p156352 this is a good picture of two friends. seems like ya boi has gotten used to the visiting scraggledog

@"[shaneus]"#p156382 look at all those long dogs! also how much does he play that xbox!?

@“[unknown]”#p156390 All the time, that‘s why he’s so exhausted! His favourite game is Fart Cry Instinks.

Sis sent me this <3

@“marxseny”#p156558 :heart::heart::heart: love 2 see it!!

@“exodus”#p156390 yeah they started to get along pretty well! She was still pretty cautious and sleepy but being 15 will do that too ya. She‘s gone home but we’ll miss her!

pretty cool thought I'd share

Heat waves = sluggish all day, party all night

In weeks like these i freeze their wet food and make a little slurpee/ popsicle and throw a few ice cubes in their water bowls

Timon guarding his ball

pumba enjoying the fan

@marxseny Pumba is such a good dog name.

@“[whatsarobot]”#p158648 According to my older sis, when we were children my dad promissed we'd have two dogs, but first we needed a vacation house with a big field. I said on the spot that their names NEEDED to be Timon and Pumba.

23 years later, we got the house, Sis went to my father and demanded the promissed dogs.
When we were going to pick them up, she remembered the names i thought as a toddler. I didn't, but loved the choice. Great thinking, past me! Great memory, sis!

We picked both of them on the same day. Timon is 45 days older than Pumba.
I was undecided with which would be Timon and Pumba... until Pumba farted on me within the first 5 minutes and i KNEW he was all about gas. And Timon has fuzzy fur, much like his lion king counterpart.
They turn 5 this May and June. Pumba still farts a lot.

@marxseny I hope Pumba doesn't get downhearted every time that he… Shh, not in front of the kids.

Great story.

This is how Bidan started her 10th~1 birthday!

cw emetophobia


^1- This is only if the birthday and age the Humane Society gave us when we adopted her is accurate, which, frankly, I doubt. She seems a lot older than a 10 year old dog. Oh well, she's still my beautiful little lady.

Last night she seemed very tired, but, kind of restless. She kept lying down, getting up, pacing around, laying down in a new place. I thought I could hear her stomach gurgling in a weird way but I didn't think much of it.

A few hours pass kind of like that. I started to get worried because she is on heart medication for a heart murmur now and I'm just always worried she isn't getting enough intervention. It kind of seemed like maybe she wasn't able to sleep because she couldn't get her heart rate down. She was definitely acting strangely because she laid down in a weird place--usually she has very predictable roosts and nests and spots, and, I knew she was sleepy.

Finally it seems like whatever is bothering her is coming to a (literal) head because she gets up and starts to heave like she is about to throw up, so, it turns out the tummy gurgles were relevant. I scoop her up and bring her over to a pee pad that we have laid down for her (one of her heart medications is a diuretic so she is drinking a lot more water and she often uses that in the middle of the night, pee pads aren't ideal obviously but it's better than having to machine wash the bathmat all the time). The long awaited throw up comes, and...

This freaking dog, who has no teeth to remind or inform everyone, tried to swallow 3/4s of a hard, dried beef chew stick that we normally give her to gum on for a bit, and it was basically intact. This fuckin thing was like 4 inches and about the thickness of a pencil! Normally she does not do this if I give a stick to her whole, and that's what I did earlier in the night, but for whatever reason, a batch of them I bought was super dried out and crumbly, and I think she was somehow able to tear off a piece of it. And I guess to her it seemed like it was somehow feasible to try and fucking swallow it, even though it is roughly the length of her entire neck and not exactly soft. Then of course after she's gotten it out, she is sniffing at it like she wants to go at it for round 2...

I'm so relieved that she threw it up, but, oh my god this stupid dog. That pic above is of her after she threw this stick up and I guess her stomach settled and she could finally get comfortable and go to sleep. She was so tired that she couldn't keep her eyes open while laying with her head up and her nose is dropping to rest lightly on the pillow.

@“Shaneus”#p156382 amazing!!! my partner and I have greyhound dreams, one day we hope to get two!!

@“sabertoothalex”#p158671 I honestly could not recommend them enough as pets. I'd rather they not be so readily available for adoption here in Australia (fuck greyhound racing) but they are all well worth rescuing.

While I dream of having two someday, our Jasper at least has the kitties to keep him company. If that's your plan, two would be perfect! I imagine it's like having a perpetual 5 year old human child around the house that never grows up.

Bonus blep:

Ruby has developed a newfound love for blankets. She’s not the most expressive dog, so seeing her tail start wagging when I bring one over to cover her is just about the most heartwarming thing ever.

@“[safety_lite]”#p159810 I have that same blanket!! And the banana one from the same artist


YES! Kristina Micotti! My partner and I are big fans! We have another one of hers with a gorilla on it.