Does anyone here have any thoughts about the Dragon Quest V port to PS2? I have never played DQ5, so once I'm done FF5 GBA I am going to correct that!

I saw some complaints in a GameFAQs review that the graphics were simple and PS1-ish but to me the game looks quite charming.

I picked this up in Japan, but never actually played it. Welp.

It looks charming as hell to me and I've heard nice things.

I did, however, start the DS version of this game awhile back. No complaints.

I think simple graphics are to be expected from a remake of a game like this. To see if it's going to bug you or not, check YouTube, I guess!

This looks super comfy! I never expected to do anything but love it.


Dragon Quest V is the best Dragon Quest.

I played the Super Famicom version, but the ps2 port looks good too.

I played the PS2 version years and years ago, and I remember it using the 3D aspect to great effect. Specifically, it gives the game greater flexibility to tell its story, and it uses that flexibility to lend certain plot beats more weight, like your father‘s death early in the game (the SNES version depicts it as a battle, whereas the PS2 version shows him enduring the enemy’s blows to protect you).

I will take this opportunity to say that the movie on Netflix, Dragon Quest: Your Story, is a good time and has pretty CG! It'll basically spell out (or spoil, if you prefer) the entire plot of this game, so be aware.

Yeah, I think this is gorgeous!

I believe it’s universally understood as the best version of the game. Very convenient improvements, charming graphics, and a great arranged soundtrack. DQV is also the most beloved episode in Japan so it’s basically the best version of the best DQ.

I do personally prefer the DS version because I like the visual style and uniformity of the IV-V-VI trilogy on that platform + the fact they released them in French. It also has a few additional contents (nothing to write home about).

As a general disliker of the DS ports of Dragon Quest, I do really like this PS2 version. It‘s only overshadowed a bit by DQVIII if you compare the two, but the remake stands on its own.

I also like the remake of Romancing SaGa for PS2, I think it’s what I‘m going to play next.

Main reason I don’t like the DS versions is because it causes DQIV to be overshadowed by V. Most gamers aren't going to give concession to IV for being one of the biggest and best NES RPGs, they just see it as worse than V.

@treefroggy#10678 Really? I played all those games for the first time on the DS and IV still really stood out to me for the unique way the story was structured, and the presence of Torneko. If anything I‘d say it’s to VI that the DS trilogy does a disservice, since that one had those beautiful 16-bit graphics in its original form and it loses a lot of its charm by being made to conform to the same art style as the other DS remakes.

IV did get did dirty with the removal of party chat in the US version, though

I’m playing IV on mobile right now because they added party chat back in for that port( based on the DS version) and have been liking it quite a bit. I played V the same way and it was a really good experience despite some rare weirdness with the controls. Just some good down home fun.

Didn’t know about this PS2 version, did it get a fan translation?