Draw the last game you played

I saw this idea on Twitter and figured, “Why not?” I'll only stipulate two rules:

1.) Every part of the picture must be drawn by you. You can trace if you want, but the end result has to be entirely your own.
2.) You're only allowed to use the tools available in the basic toolbar of whatever program you're using (GIMP, Photoshop, Paint, Paint.NET, etc.). Text and shapes etc. are fine, but nothing that would require a plugin or a trip into the menu.

Anyway, here's my entry.


And here's the original screenshot (from _Evil Twin: Cyprien's Chronicles_, and which I very clearly (and poorly) traced):


Phantasy Star IV. I'm at the very end but the final boss is kicking my ass

Based on the cutscene where Chaz gets the good guy sword

@GigaSlime#9919 Shit I missed the second part of rule 2. I just saw “no plugins”

@GigaSlime#9920 I‘ll admit I didn’t really consider digital pens when writing them. I don‘t know what would constitute “the default tools” in this case, but I’m assuming most of them would be similar to Photoshop?

@Video_Game_King#9921 The main thing I would think is cheating under the rules you laid out is that I used different blending modes and stuff for the layers which is technically menu trickery

petition to ban all talent from this thread so I can feel better thank you

here we go. Ashen PS4

based on. Kinda gave up on the background.

Just in case anyone is feeling embarrassed about their drawing skills with all these successes in here, check out my ms paint masterpiece, because I had the misfortune of Fire Emblem: Three Houses being the last game I played. I drew this with a mouse after doing pushups and made the roule of “no takebacks” re: the lines I made.


I chose a different approach because I deserved to be able to rely on my hands AT LEAST, so I took one of these multi color pens I had lying around and started drawing on a notebook. Since I was using a real pen this was no takebacks too, and I also decided to purposefully do it on memory alone without checking any art or screenshots.


This was the result, I don't want to say the game because I think it's a lot funnier if people try to guess, specially for us the atrocious cartoonists, although I don't think it's too hard to figure it out. I specifically apologize for what I did to that dog.


Ghost trick!!

@exodus#10044 It's the alternate version of Ghost Trick in which the protagonist wears an adidas tracksuit, you know which one.

@exodus#10031 that game would have saved us all a lotta time if it was this honest about its intentions

Thanks @Moon for the revival

also I’m also interpreting the rules broadly to include using my actual hands. Drawn on paper with Castle 2H pencil.

a little Fromsoft tour

This is the extent of my fan art experience so far so maybe this thread will help encourage me to try more.

you need to take that fan art to the next level if you know what I mean….

@yeso#18134 I don’t! But now I’m dying to know.

No I don't need to have a closer look at The One Reborn's anatomy thank you


The Final Level