I got the game early in the mail. Does anybody know if I‘ll be able to play it once I get off work or if it’ll be locked until official release at midnight?

@“2501”#p59701 based on personal experience with the network test i think PS4 performance is good

do we need to post steam profiles/console gamer tags or just enter that password when prompted?

Fuck it. This will be my last PS4 game.

@“yeso”#p59817 I don‘t think you’ll be prompted and will need to go into in game settings but getting online interactions with others should happen with the password

Darn it, i didn‘t care much about “Elden Ring” but then the reviews and the hype and all that garbage got to me and now I’ve spent 70€ on this stupid game and might take a day off to play it. Bury me with my money!!!

I kinda don’t want to start a new 100-hour game that I can only play from my apartment (99% of my recent Gaming Time has been on Switch during downtime at work), nor do I want to pay for PS+ but… the hype + curiosity are too much, and I was pretty interested in this despite my general indifference to FromSoft…

I guess this and _Xenoblade 3_ will likely end up being my big Hype Blaster 2022 day one purchases/timesinks, which in tandem should tell you a pretty good amount about what kinds of games I like and what kinds I’m indifferent to. (_Chrono Cross_, _Live A Live_ and the _Disco Elysium_ physical release don’t count as Hype Blaster games even though they’ll inevitably be my favorites)

I also wanted to finally start Divinity OS2 and really take a bite out of Kingdoms of Amalur, but FINE, George “Arrrrrgh” Martin, you win again…

@“2501”#p59830 DOS2 is pretty dang cool!

Oof this game has some performance issues. Even in performance mode on PS5 it stutters loads and it doesn‘t seem to ever hit 60 fps. I’m not a stickler for framerate generally but I would prefer smooth and consistent over stuttering, even if that means locked 30 - which is not an option.

@“christoffing”#p59835 Oof… Do you know what version you‘re playing? I can’t remember if 1.01 or 1.02 is supposed to be available at launch, but for sure there is supposed to be some kind of update between when reviewers got codes and launch. Maybe check for an update either now or once launch is official?

Got it loaded up on Steam but won‘t be opening it until I either have a break or later this evening. Interested in seeing how it’ll preform as I meet or surpass the requirements, but I‘m one generation back on CPU with a i7 7700k instead of a 8700. We’ll see I guess! Excited to play it, kinda kept away from most of the news and previews.

@“DavidNoo”#p59834 Also a pretty hefty time commitment, from what I hear…

@“2501”#p59846 I never beat it! Still had a lot of fun

@“Gaagaagiins”#p59840 It was 1.02, unfortunately.

@“christoffing”#p59879 Damn. That‘s especially disappointing to hear when at least one reviewer said these issues were minimal on PS5 and much better than PC. Guess I’ll find out soon enough….

I’ve been playing since 4PM MST, on my i5-10400, 3060, 32GB DDR4 PC and it seems to be running close to 60fps but not quite. I’m playing with High settings @ 1440p, and it’s smooth and playable so far. For whatever reason I cannot use my xbox controller over bluetooth right now. It works plugged in with a USB C cable though. ¯</s>(ツ)

oh my god the stress of what to name my guy

A friend of mine has been experiencing significant stuttering, and apparently a lot of people are experiencing it in the same specific places.

Switching to borderless window helped for them, so if you run into that, give that a try.

For those who want more info on performance, I can recommend the Digitalfoundry tech review. The “play the PS4 version on PS5” trick from the online Beta still works.


First, let’s look at the situation on consoles. The performance metrics we saw in the game’s network test last year seem largely unchanged on PS5 and Series X. Both continue to offer two modes - a frame-rate mode and a quality mode. However, even running on the launch day patch 1.02, the frame-rate mode continues to run at a range of 45-60fps on PS5 and Series X, while the quality modes on each range between 30-60fps. Both machines run with entirely unlocked frame-rates, and much like the network test, there’s still no 30fps cap to even out the wavering reading in quality mode. The result? A highly variable performance for the quality mode in particular, where 60fps is rarely - if ever - achieved on PS5 or Series X.


> In comparison, PS5 is typically operating at a higher frame-rate than Series X, though clearly neither is ideal. The bottom line is neither console offers a consistent 60fps in the final release. That being said, there are workarounds for each platform well worth considering. Xbox Series X is greatly improved by its system-level support for variable refresh rate (VRR) if you have a supporting display. VRR helps minimise the perceived judder in its 45-60fps range in frame-rate mode, creating a smoother experience by matching the screen refresh to the frame-rate. This may not be a solution for everybody, but for those with compatible TVs it’s the best option on Xbox right now. Series S users also benefit from VRR here. Given this platform’s frame-rate mode runs between 40-60fps right now it’s a viable choice, though not perfect, given Series S’s performance veers more often towards the lower end of this range than Series X.


> Meanwhile, hitting a stable 60fps on PS5 involves another tactic entirely. Sadly, VRR support isn’t available on Sony’s machine right now, but, as with the network test, simply running the PS4 app on PS5 clears up the frame-rate to a smooth 60fps. The trade-off? The game runs at a lower resolution - at what appears to be a reconstructed 1800p - and with lower settings in grass density than the native PS5 version. This is fundamentally the PS4 Pro codepath, using the higher power of PS5 to hit a more consistent performance level. Even with these trade-offs, running the PS4 app on PS5 is currently the best option on any console to achieve a consistent 60fps - and comes recommended if you value outright performance over image quality and higher-end graphical features.


> The PC situation is also worth clarifying. As it currently stands the PC version using the latest 1.02 patch has a number of issues that will affect all hardware configurations on all graphical settings presets. Elden Ring is From Software’s first foray into low-level APIs on PC and the game uses DirectX 12. As we have seen in other DX12 titles, there can be severe and distracting frame-time stuttering issues.