Just so we aren't digging through the FromSoftware Thread for pertinent information and communication for finding each other in game, I thought I would make a separate thread.

Note that the poll groups together Playstation consoles, Xbox consoles, and PC, as _Elden Ring_ has been confirmed to feature **cross generation** play, and while nothing definitive has been stated with regards to cross _platform_ play and so there's a possibility it could change, it's unlikely that the game will launch with full cross platform support.

Respond to the poll to let others around here know what platform you'll be playing on, and I suppose we'll also agree upon a [Group Password.](https://youtu.be/JQeIHOOrPdI) If you don't know what that is, the gist of it is that everyone using that same Group Password will have the online interactions of the people using the password, like summon signs, messages, and bloodstains, be prioritized to be shown to you, and even be visually distinct from general online interactions. Unlike similar systems from past From Soft games, this will not by default also filter out other online interactions. Even if you intend to play totally solo and intend to turn off all other online interactions, set a Group Password! There is no downsides to having one enabled.

Our Insert Credit God, Alex @"Jaffe"#205, cursed us by saying that our Group Password should be "Donkey Milk," and so I've cut it down in what I think is the funniest way to get it to fit into the 8 character limit:



~~However I am not sure how many characters a Group Password can be. It's at least 6 alphanumeric characters. I also can't figure out how to squash Donkey Milk into 6 characters. DNKMLK? DKYMLK? It simply does not work. So, for now, that's the password, subject to change once we figure out how many characters a Group Password can be.~~

EDIT: I did some sleuthing in an _Elden Ring_ discord server associated with one of the _Elden Ring_ subreddits, which happened to have dedicated channels for people participating in the Closed Network Test. It seems some boneheads in there decided upon a 9 character Group Password before obsessively overthinking it like a smart person like me would, and only once the test was underway were people pointing out that the password didn't fit into the entry field. They then changed it to an 8 character password, which seemed to cause no further problems.

Also I'm sorry but I literally have not actually figured out what the XBoxes are called, I'm making a stupid joke about it as usual but I just cannot keep it stuck to my consciousness.

I am going the Xbox One route, even though I know it will be the worst performing version only because my PS4 is on old enough firmware to do the jailbreak. But very curious to see how things shake out.

i am going to be unable to play ER until the week after but i am gonna jump into that sludge till it fills my nose and earholes as soon as i can



Ah… in a way it‘s somewhat sad to see such an evenly split poll, knowing that cross platform play is almost certainly not going to be enabled for launch and no concrete reasons to believe it will be implemented at any point in the future. I can’t wait until this relic of multiplayer gaming is gone for good. Well, at least if we‘re going to have a relatively lowkey community experience, we’ll all be somewhat evenly isolated in that regard.

I think I like how the Group Password system is going to work (on paper), I don't usually bother leaving messages but it makes me want to now for sure.

I’ll be on PC and looking forward to linking with any of y’all.

Jealous of PC people but I’m going PS5. Need to play something on there. If my PC just had a handful of upgrades I think I would have done that one.

Shoot, I must have heard about the cross-gen thing and mistaken it for universal cross-platform play. If I win a PS5 from the Thunderdome thread I might change my vote

EDIT this is just in assuming my PC can run it better than PS4


Pre-loading available 48 hours before release. PC release schedule is also shown.

So, FFVIIR PC was the first time I cared at all to pay attention to a pc release, and, of course it was a stupid ugly mess, times unannounced, and released later than the announced launch date.

Well, this is so much better. It will be my first time pre-loading a game.

Anyways it‘s releasing Feb 24th at 3PM PT, so that means 6PM ET.

Since I avoid large downloads over my mobile network in my van, I’ll be going to the homies' crib to download tomorrow afternoon.

PC for me

PS5 here, which includes PS4 hopefully (can anyone confirm?). My PSN is </s>Matachines<e> but will also use the password and will be active in the threads.


@“ukigusa”#p59274 PS5 here, which includes PS4 hopefully (can anyone confirm?).

Yes, it does. It has cross generational play, meaning for the two console brands, players on both the older and newer iterations will have online interactions with the other including co-op play and/or PvP.

This has been confirmed by Bandai Namco and was a part of the Closed Network Test, as well.

I’m going to be playing on PC, but mostly via Steam Remote Play. I hope that works out!

I’ll be day one on PC as well.

Do we know if Fromsoftware is going to have the servers online for this launch?

I was originally going to go with PS5, but I made a last minute pivot to PC. I‘ve never (actively/intentionally) engaged with the multiplayer side of souls games, but that doesn’t mean I‘m averse to taking a swig of DONKYMLK for this one! I’ll be away during the immediate launch, but hopefully next week I‘ll have some time to jump in. (Here’s my Steam profile fwiw)

PS5 for me. I'll use the password and hope to see some of you in the game. My PSN is Chopemon.

Love the coop and invasions in From games.


@“Chopemon”#p59467 Love the coop and invasions in From games.

Oh you do?? Hehe.... let's see if you like invasions when I invade you, barely put up a fight, and mildly inconvenience you for 20 seconds!!

@“Gaagaagiins”#p59477 I didn't say I was good at it but I will always salute a fellow DONKYMLKer

PC so I can change the cover art to this [upl-image-preview url=//i.imgur.com/4cg5EAU.jpeg]

I have a PS4 and an Xbox One S, I wanna get it on whichever one has better performance but also the one people I know will actually be playing on. Stakes are higher cuz I need to pay for an online subscription if I’m gonna play this….

Anyway, point is I’m a wild card, could get it for either console depending