Emotional Support Games

Hey yall.

I have certainly been going through a rough time, as I can imagine many of us are (pandemic, war, all that jazz). So I wanted to make a real comfy cozy thread where we all just talk about our emotional support games. Games that feel like real good buds to just hang out in or play when the going gets going. Perhaps spread a little positivity around!

This is a universal racing game comfort, but any game that let‘s me customize a car always brings me joy. Recently it’s been Forza Horizon 5, and trying to recreate the Saab 900 from Drive My Car. The difficulty is there is no Saab cars in the game, but it's fun to try lol.

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    It might be a little basic but Minecraft is pretty much my go to game if I want to play something without much thought. Just hanging out in the game. Basically, I just start and restart a bunch of survival worlds until, for some reason, I find one that I stick with for a while.

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    I pretty much always watch something at the same time, which means when I play old worlds I remember what I was watching. For example, when I was playing the world I posted screenshots from, I was binge-watching videos about baseball. so it reminds me of baseball trivia.

    slay the spire for me, although as i have said here before i end up getting addicted to it and uninstalling it. i was in a bad mood the other day and then i played spire for a while and i was in a good mood. i was realizing that many of my “hobbies” are learning stuff that is hard for me and i'm bad at them, and that i should just chill with games that make me feel good more often. this will help me be a more supportive and positive presence for my family.

    now that i've uninstalled spire i think i'm gonna fill this slot with a FFX replay, following a guide and getting all the stuff

    This might be on the nose, but Kind Words (lo fi chill beats to write to) is really an emotional support game. You just write letters, respond (kindly) to other letters or put nice thoughts out into the ether. All anonymously while listening to lofi & collecting stickers

    This is Picross for me, in all its forms over the years. I can load up one of those, and just lose some time tapping away at some squares. In the current ones on the Switch, I don't even do the normal picross mode anymore, I just do Colour, Mega, and Extra.

    I'll probably buy every main Picross game that comes out for the rest of my life.

    My two emotional support games are MGS5 and and EDF.

    I'm closing in on 200 hours with MGS5. It's certainly not my favourite MGS game but the replayable systems based missions combined with the sub objectives and weekly challenges give me something to come back to when I need a bit of safe but engaging game playing. The game plays so well and provides enough to keep my mind off The Bad Stuff but it isn't so difficult that I can't relax.

    My ultimate weapons grade emotional support game is a four pack of beers and an EDF. Obviously this tactical emotional support has to be deployed sparingly so as not to fall back down the drink hole. If you get a couple of drinks in you and equip the cascade launcher, all your troubles will fall away.

    After playing a lot of EDF5, I have gone back to 4.1 to push through the wildly fluctuating difficulty of Normal. I've been needing to play online for this as some missions are impossible in single player since they have armour and weapon caps that negate grinding. Unfortunately there is someone playing most times I'm on that is extremely annoying and I've had to stop playing online. When you're in a game with them they use the text chat to endlessly give you orders and criticise what you're doing. It drives me crazy. So back to Easy with the remaining characters for my emotional support.

    @“tapevulture”#p63250 Slay the Spire has been my comfy game for the last couple of years. However I‘ve just today beaten Ascension 20 with every character and don’t really have any reason to play it anymore. I need to find something new!

    @“LeFish”#p63362 that's wild. on ascension 2 over here

    @“tapevulture”#p63388 I‘ve been playing for many hundreds of hours, however I would say that a significant part of that was playing badly with the first character and picking up bad habits that didn’t carry well to other characters. Relatively speaking I breezed through the final character. It's a super fun, chill game once you really get into it.

    The 2 that immediately come to mind for me are Himno and Starman. Granted, these are both pretty low engagement games, and probably qualify better as bedtime games specifically.

    Starman is a point and click puzzle game that is almost entirely grayscale and has really minimalistic and pleasant sound design. Just a really soothing world to hang out in.
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    Himno is a seemingly objectionless platformer that apes some of Celeste's mechanics but is much less exacting. You just jump around these procedurally generated maps and light stuff up and collect little fairies that let you jump higher. Pretty nice time when I am able to embrace how minimal it is.
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    A game that my brain has been more or less on fire thinking about is HoB. It's this Zelda-like where you play a Star Wars jawa with a giant arm. I thoroughly enjoy this game, and I started it up after a particularly stressful day. Suffice to say, it did the trick. It is something of a game-without-words somewhat similar to Hyper Light Drifter, although not going so far as only describing upgrades with pictures. The look of it is also exquisite; it's a cel shaded style with aesthetics similar to Castle in the Sky and the desert areas in Zelda Skyward Sword. I haven't finished it yet, largely due to my TV breaking (RIP), but it still looms large in my brain and my heart.
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    Also Katamari is probably the hard fast answer for me.

    @“dylanfills”#p63756 HoB looks great. love that art style


    @“rejj”#p63319 This is Picross for me

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    Recently discovered S7 was out, so of course I grabbed it.

    Just under 6 hours for all of colour mode, no assists. Feels a little slow to me, but it sure did feel nice just marking squares and revealing neat little pictures again.