Ep. 155 - Animal Cro666ing, with Liz Ryerson

@Geoff#7896 i‘m glad! that’s something I‘m leaving as an Insert Credit Forum Exclusive for the time being (because adding it to the episode description is tricker than you’d think). i don‘t pick out a link to everything in the show, but I figure it might help if I link out to stuff I myself don’t immediately recognize, or think people would appreciate a link to.

@espercontrol#7929 (we should put it in the patreon post too)

@exodus#7955 that is very doable and will start happening from now on. (also a patreon bonus episode is very nearly finished and should go up this week, for anyone considering joining!)

Fake horror game titles:

  • - Rival Ghouls
  • - Yoshi's Eye Wound
  • - Ooooooo Super Mario Bros
  • - The Legend of Zelda: The Wound Waker
  • - Dynamite Deaddy
  • - Sid Meier's Abomination
  • - Street Frighter
  • - Death Strangling
  • More of these stupid pun word games please, @Gorblax - I love me a stupid pun word game.

    @billy#7963 NOW we’re talkin’


    @billy#7963 Yoshi’s Eye Wound

    @billy#7963 I‘m real impressed with Yoshi’s Eye Wound.

    Here's a few more:

  • - Kirby's Scare Ride
  • - Metal Fear Solid V: The Phantom's Brains
  • - PaRappa the Slasher
  • - The Corpse of Alex Kidd in Murderer World
  • - Katamari Monstrosity
  • - SSX Trick or Treat
  • - Grave Digger Musashi
  • - Tony Hawk's Bone Shaker

  • By the way, Liz Ryerson was awesome. Please invite her back any ol' time.



    PaRappa the Slasher

    this, to me, feels the most like an Actual Simpsons/South Park/Whatever horror video game parody out of everything said so far.

    The game… it‘s moving. It’s alive!

  • - Slash Bandicoot
  • - Fear Esther
  • - Metal Gear Writhing
  • - Garrote Hero
  • - Wii Sports Disemboweling
  • - EmBalmer Lammy
  • - Grave Racer
  • - Violent Scope

  • These are all extremely good. I'm very proud.

    Odin's Fear

    Ape Escape. :smile:

    I have two fake horror games that are also romance games that I want to make real someday!

    Neck Romance


    Bone-o Digger

    Forza Murdersport

    Grave Story

    Chokey-Necky Memorial


    Reaping Dogs

    Fright Simulator

    Cooking Your Mama

    Shiren The Pallbearer

    Doki Doki Satanic

    Mario Teaches Knifing

    Elevator Malfunction

    Majora‘s Cask Of Amontillado

    Jack Parson’s Race Into Space

    @GigaSlime#8022 GRAVE STORY

    this was a really fun episode! I kind of want to make a doom wad called Megablood now.

    Had to call out Alan's Wake, the subtle ones are good sometimes too.

    Make that megablood doom wad!! yeah!