Ep. 173 - We Don't Usually Swear, with Lotte May

@ShootTheCore#18363 there is a clean download link by the way! both on the patreon and here - maybe we should've put the link in the top paragraph to make sure people saw it.

i like those chill background Beats By Feldman. It‘s so chill I keep thinking it’s someone else's music leaking into my headphones.


@ShootTheCore#18363 I would even back an extra $5 a month to get a “clean” episode download link without the music-that’s how much I dislike it!

If you look closely at the first post in this thread there is actually a link to a "clean" ep.

My 2 cents on the music:

I dont mind it on principle, but one of the two tunes sounded more like "doctors office waiting room" to me than "lo-fi beat".

I know its more work for the editor, but in the past I really have not minded the rare occasions when the music only broke in occasionally to underscore what was being said or what was happening (I'm having a hard time remembering the last time this happened outside the Intro/Lightening Round music so I cant give an example, but I'm pretty sure it has, long ago). I think some sparse and occasional use of music could up the feeling of production value in the show, but I'm not sure just layering a loop under the whole episode is the way to go.

I had no issue with the chill beats! Except maybe that thus far the show has trained me to associate background music with special segments like Lightning Rounds, or transitions, so I almost feel like I zoned out and missed some kind of setup.

Worst thing to ever happen to one of my consoles: I have 2.

My brother and I got into a fight and my brand new launch DS got smacked outta my hand and the top screen got cracked. I cried.

I got a PSP to play monster hunter with my friends back in the day and my friend offered to hack it for me so I could play downloaded games off the SD card. He brought it back to me a week later with this far off look in his eyes like he had committed a war crime. All he kept saying was "I broke it. I broke it. I'm sorry. I broke it." He wouldn't exactly tell me what happened or what he did but the thing was indeed bricked. It was the cool white one with darth vader on the back and I immediately shelled out for a regular black one so I could keep up with my monster hunter group. Spent close to $500 on 2 PSPs in a week's time.

@Moon#18367 Yeah, I pretty much have the same feeling–I appreciate when the music can add something like ambience or tension to a specific segment (or perhaps poke fun at excessive soliloquizing). As it is I kind of forget the music is even there until quiet sections, at which point it can be a bit jarring or distracting.

I really appreciate offering the alternative download links. However (and I fully acknowledge that this is a totally petty personal issue) my podcast player of choice (Pocket Casts) only pulls in the main feed, so its a minor inconvenience to access the "clean" audio.

@exodus#18365 Thanks for the heads-up on the “clean” link-much appreciated!

@espercontrol#18311 i heard his recommendation and immediately went to youtube and started listening to that very video. very good stuff.

@kory#18333 I can flip a guitar hero controller from the thrift store. $5 purchase sells for $60-$200 shipped all day.

keurig machines, maybe if they work I could flip…

This brings up the the true keurig of video games: Wii Fit… Wii Fit Balance boards should at least work as digital scales or something without the software….

I don't have anything profound to say, but I just wanted to say I look forward to the new episode every week and appreciate all you guys do. This episode was very chill and I enjoyed that. Keep it up!

Thank you!!! :D

@treefroggy#18391 I recently was at a game store and people were asking if they could buy a wii balance board! the owner said they were too hard to fix and usually broken so they just don't buy them. This exchange told me that:

1) people want wii fit balance boards
2) they break a lot
3) I really missed an opportunity back in 2015


1) wii fit balance boards have a weight limit of 150kg

2) upwards of 40% of americans are obese (25-28% in the UK)

3) ergo

Regarding the chill beats: I personally prefer without for the reasons @kory#18347 explained on their message. It sets a beat for the conversation which is at odds not only with the discussion but frankly with the format of the podcast itself. I see insert credit as an upbeat high-speed podcast more akin to a TV quiz show with the added pressure of the buzzer and having to come with answers on the spot, so it feels weird to have that particular type of music in the background. And also, as some people said, I'm used to having music punctuate certain sections like the flash round, instead of a constant musical thread throughout the whole podcast.

On the other hand, I don't really mind it that much, I would listen to the podcast anyway with or without music and I'll probably get used to it within a couple of episodes. People often mistake "different" with "worse" and this may be just a case of those, so do whatever you want!

@treefroggy#18391 I stand corrected! Now that I think about it, it is pretty impressive how well video game ephemera have maintained or increased in perceived value. If I really wanted to keep torturing this coffee analogy, I might invoke annualized sports games filling up used game bins or empty game cases that only contain digital codes. These are probably closer to the idea of “single-use” video games.

I guess we can all be glad [Flexplay](https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Flexplay) or [DIVX](https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/DIVX) didn't really catch on and move beyond movies...these would have been the true Keurigs of video games.

@exodus#18394 (if you are friends with the owner, disregard this) I have known game shop owners who just throw away any imported games in the trash because they say “no one buys them”. The market for balance boards is probably quite limited still though. There are stacks and stacks of them in thrift stores, Keita Takahashi even commented on this before, saying it‘s a shame they don’t have any use without a wii U or whatever when he also saw them stacking up. Someone is probably working on repurposing these things… Manufactured e-waste hurts my soul. Keurig cups are manufactured waste incarnate. This has been my TED Talk, from the Greenpeace of Video Games. Thanks

@bodydouble I wouldn't say 40% of americans are over 330 though. "obesity" is measured by body mass index, which, can be an erroneous measurement under certain circumstances.

Frank‘s recommendation, GST Channel is great. The latest mix has a WILD plot twist in it concerning the localization of a japanese golf game. Please watch and don’t scroll to the comments (they spoil it)


yeah, waste sucks!! and whoever is throwing import games away should give them to meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee (lol)

I feel guilty about buying new genesis games because I know I'm ultimately generating more waste in the grand scheme by supporting more physical media coming out, but... I dunno, I guess I compromise a bit with all this stuff because also I've been using/repairing the same electronics for 30 years, and hopefully in the balance I'm a bit further toward conservation than waste.

I like to think a lifetime of buying used games and keeping them from landfill gives me a bit of slack when it comes to buying the 5 new genesis games I've gotten in the last year

For whoever wants to feel even more terrible about E-waste than they already do, I recommend the novel Waste Tide by Chen Qiufan!

I've just recently started commuting pretty far and I have to say being able to just listen to the new episode the day it comes out on the way to work rules pretty hard. Keep up the good work.

PS: El Shaddai looks really chill and I look forward to playing the Steam release