Ep. 210 - Mario's Big Spaghetti Time, with Jenna Stoeber

@“Girard”#p48405 is that av father gapon? just curious

@“gsk”#p48403 Yeah man, that grudge is legitimately amazing!!! I wrote a bad review of Ketsui but as it turns out the arcade operator had it set to the easiest setting. I talked about that later but of course nobody ever saw that! I got a hate mail saying I should die last year about it. I really don't get it. Who cares!!!

I hope we get to hear some gossip from “Tristan Putt” in the future.

@“Jaffe”#p48416 Ziggurat still exists on my original iPad!


@“esper”#p48362 What songs not written for video games do you associate with video games?


(gosh darn “Watch on YouTube” prompt…to save you a click it’s Run DMC’s “It’s Tricky,” which I experienced as a sound clip from SSX Tricky way before I was even aware this song existed)

edit: in honor of @dicegame ’s essential game submission, I would also like to add that Ode to Joy is inexorably linked with Peggle in my mind

I associate many, many songs from the Tony Hawk games with those games whenever I listen to them - even if I was familiar with them before I played the respective games.

Similarly for Rock Band / Guitar Hero, songs that I was less familiar with from those games I now closely associate with the relevant games. I'm beginning to think that I may have had a musically-sheltered upbringing!

Oh, any Ouendan/Elite Beat Agents song that i hadn't heard before playing the game probably sounds incomplete and weird listening to the real version without all the claps and whistles and SOIYAs from the game version, so yeah I would associate them more with the game.

@“LeFish”#p48457 del the funky homospaien yelling “you gotta wash your ass” is THPS to me

These songs were written for the Yakuza series but I can't imagine hearing, for example, “rouge of love” without a protagonist dude-sounding voice off-key singing “OH ROUGE OF LOVE” right after.

quick fact check, it was tim who said milo would have leukaemia not matthew kumar

And I think I made that Lycansubscribe joke on social media years ago but not on the podcast


What twitter account would you start to influence a trend in video game development, a la Can You Pet The Dog?

I don't think I would get many followers with "Can you access a text log" but that would be mine. Just played Disco Elysium and man, there's so much information that you'll just forget some. The devs know that you have to repeat something for people to really understand it, so they have your skills doing that. Just let me read it 10 more times on my own!


@“esper”#p48362 The Ink Spots baby

I bought an Ink Spots record for like a quarter once at a local thrift shop (this was before prices for even junk vinyl became hilariously inflated) and I can 1000% echo Frank's characterization of their catalog. It actually becomes really endearing after hearing that pokey cowboy guitar rhythm and identical song structure enough times!


@“esper”#p48362 What are some good games made from reused assets?

The "follow-up game with kinda funky/experimental mechanics made on a (relative) budget using salvaged parts from the hugely successful predecessor" is one of my favorite genres. I'm talking Majora's Mask, Fallout: NV, and maybe even Dark Souls II to some extent. My sincere hope for BOTW 2 is that Nintendo just takes the exact same engine and many of the assets from the first game and just goes completely hog-wildly weird. It seems like a monumental waste of effort to me to reinvent the wheel for every new game in a major franchise (re: engine, assets, etc.) when that time could be better spent creating what essentially amounts to a big budget fully sanctioned bonkers fan-made hack.

From the moment The Ink Spots came up, I kept thinking about this one parody Spike Jones did of them a million years ago


@“Jaffe”#p48583 made it about 75% through the song before I realized you didn’t mean Spike Jonze (literally scrolling through his Wikipedia page while listening looking for his 40s music parody phase)


What twitter account would you start to influence a trend in video game development, a la Can You Pet The Dog?

_is there fish in the water?_

Occasionally, when I‘m listening to the show, I’ll think of the correct answer, and am then delighted when one of the panelists says exactly what I'm thinking. This happened when @“exodus”#3 mentioned Mortal Kombat fatalities.

@"Jaffe"#205's gentle hostility toward Frank was a hilarious and welcome innovation. For example, encouraging Frank to go to sleep during the Pokemon naming round was gold.

this season the real violence island is the tension between jaffe and frank

it legitimately has led to some of my favourite bits

I really like Frank


i imagine it like an anime rivalry–

one of you is naruto and one of you is sasuke

you make each other (and the show) better with a little bit of conflict