Ep. 266 - Perspexpertise

if you can appreciate neon genesis evangelion, then you can appreciate Catholicism imo


I would say that if you have no interest in faith, regardless of religion, as a concept, then the show may leave you cold.

Though, at the same time, the show captures the Enigmatic Protagonist better than any other show. If you liked the first season of Mad Men, for example, The Young Pope might be exactly the show you didn't know you needed.

Also, Paolo Sorrentino is just so good. If you watched The Great Beauty back when it won an Academy Award for Best Foreign Film (2013?) and wanted more, this is definitely worth watching.

@“yeso”#p97617 lol I guess I haven‘t said enough times how much I dislike neon genesis evangelion, so I’ll say it again: I just cannot get through that series and I have tried 5 times. I‘ve never finished it because I hate it the whole time!!! I couldn’t even get through it when I was 17.

@"edward"#p97619 Yah, I have no interest in faith as a concept and find it frustrating to engage with in media - and the first season of mad men was fine for me but not fine enough for me to watch the second season. On the other hand, I'll check out The Great Beauty, I haven't seen it, so maybe that'll be my entry point.

Anyway, I shouldn't be making this thread about whether I personally want to watch the young pope, I just find it odd when people recommend it to me, the individual, as happened on the show, and I figure there's got to be something else to the recommendation, but then it turns out, no, what has actually happened is I've finally done a decent enough job of curbing or not speaking to my feelings on religion and faith, ha ha. Good for me!!!!!!

I've never seen neon genesis evangelion myself, just seemed like the right thing to say

Anyway, I don't quite understand how someone who wasn't raised Catholic (meaning they had schizoid-cannibalistic-mystical scripture and rituals poured into their brain during their most impressionable years) can or for that matter ought to check out Catholic stuff. I don't mean that in a gate-keeping sense, I mean that in a why the hell would you sense

I watched the passion of the christ with tim and I had to get him to explain the whole movie to me the whole time like I was a child. I was like… who‘s this guy! who’s that guy! why's the camera on him in such an important way! it was like starting with the 10th movie in a series where they expected you to have already known all the characters and their development before they show up. not that that movie is directly catholic (is it!?)


Probably not for you then!

Probably a good rule of thumb, though there's just so much catholic stuff that a lot of it is pretty good.

exodus I just hope you've been baptized


Depending on what brand of catholic, it's either absurdly catholic or pretty fucked up.

My parents are crazy catholics so they loved it!


@“exodus”#p97616 a show called “young republicans club”

How about **"Young Republican Genshin Impact Club?"**

[img width=500]https://i.imgur.com/lQRpdEW.png[/img]

I don‘t hear much about religion on the show (haven’t listened to this ep yet) but I do recall a joke about moving one's lips pretending to sing in church and it made me laugh quite a bit.


The true definitive experience of growing up in any religion

@“yeso”#p97628 in mountain dew

I wish I would have been baptized in “Gamer Fuel”. Instead I had to make do with New Coke.

@“tomjonjon”#p97636 Was it The New Coke or The Young Coke, I hear one's a little better than the other

@“exodus”#p97638 Coke John Paul II

Reading through the thread has made me think of the phrase “Joseph and the Amazing Technicolour Dream Coke”, and now you have to think it too.

The discussion on here is actually making me less interested in The Young Pope. I thought it would just be about how they elected some random guy for pope and he turned out to be insane. But people are talking about “questions of faith” and “emotional impact” and comparisons to Mad Men, which is all worrying me!

When it was first airing my mom taped every episode for me because she thought I might like it, but I never actually watched it (out of laziness, not because I didn't want to). Like Exodus, I am not super into religious content, but I thought the show used Catholicism more as an aesthetic the way a horror movie does rather than raising actual religious questions. But now seeing what people are saying about it, maybe I'm wrong.


I would say you‘re both wrong and right. Which probably doesn’t clear things up!

I think everyone should just give it a shot. Paolo Sorrentino is great. You're getting a TV show by an outstanding director with Jude Law as a pope doing an American accent. It's both a very wacky show and a moving piece of art that provokes interesting questions. Sometimes it's both at the same time!

I love it!

Speaking of religion, and answering the intro question to the episode, one thing I‘ve sure changed my mind about this year is Christmas, which I used to hate and now sort of appreciate. This is entirely due to being in Shanghai this year (I’d probably feel similar in Tokyo or Seoul or any other very big non-Western city). I guess I like that Christmas is more or less restricted to just shopping malls. The malls go all out with decorations and playing Christmas music that is far less annoying to me than the Christmas music played in American malls (often it‘s just been orchestral stuff. I haven’t heard Mariah Carey yet.) Then you leave the mall and you don‘t have to think about Christmas anymore! It’s like playing a Christmas level in a video game. No need to talk about “the true meaning of Christmas” or anything like that – there is no true meaning, just commercialistic excess, which I can somewhat appreciate.

I‘ve been enjoying Christmas this year because my partner and I were too busy to decorate or anything and the only time I heard Christmas music without seeking it out was the 8 seconds in the lobby at work while I walk from the door to the staircase so it hasn’t been blasting my face for 60 days already. Now that it‘s almost here I’m feeling pretty good about it!