Ep. 307US - Tomorrowind, with Christa Lee

The marketing for Infinity Strash was vague and unhelpful because the game itself is half-baked and basically unfinished, which I‘m sure goes hand-in-hand with being delayed for so long after the not-especially-popular anime stopped airing. (The smartphone tie-in game’s already dead.)

DQ's had a long run of faultless spinoffs but Treasures didn't go over super well and this one's straight-up bad, and already available for cheap.

@“kyleprocrastinations”#p135931 Absolutely - you do need people who can riff and think on their feet quickly, so not just anyone can do it - but the format really brings out the best in folks who are, in general, used to talking about this subject. You can‘t do the format with people who don’t know anything about anything, though.

@“2501”#p135905 The Britishness was Tetsuya Takahashi‘s revenge against Iwata for not letting them call it Monado: Beginning of The World and forcing the title into Xeno-something, so everybody would realize it actually had nothing to do with other Xeno stuff ||(it didn’t work)||

I’m going to arrange a listening party. I will be listening to the remainder of the podcast at:

Swatch 10-10-2023 @260. No I will absolutely not convert this for you; such is the ubiquity of Swatch Internet Time. Who else is with me?

@“bnn”#p135942 I’m 100% certain that calling it “Xeno” was Takahashi’s idea after he came up with the game’s ending at the eleventh hour lol

lol the way that swatch beat came up in both of these eps during the time zone mmo discussion

@“yeso”#p135858 this got me thinking about the variety in swear words accross american and british english and I think american english doesn't have enough variaty and fun as british english does with their swearwords to properly express Mexican slang and swearwords.

in a side note if you ever want to hear extremely unnatural and uncomfortable cursing in spanish just listen to a spanish dub of any american tv show/movie where they swear a lot

@“phylaxis”#p135965 See you in a few beats for the simultaneously listening party buddy!


only 88 beats from now as i post this

thank you cohost

@“穴”#p135966 based on my extensive research (walking around my neighborhood) they could've just inserted “pinche” everywhere and been mostly okay.

I ran into an old college buddy when he was 30 and was like whoa what are you up to dude? He was making money hand over fist and told me he wanted to retire in 3 years. I was amazed because I had no money, and also wanted to know what he was going to do.

"Starcraft. I just want to play Starcraft" is what he told me.

I gotta check in, it's been like 5 years.


@“穴”#p135966 american english doesn’t have enough variaty and fun as british english does with their swearwords to properly express Mexican slang and swearwords.

yes this is true and it's a challenge when I try to translate something, because in american english you're kind of going full toilet mouth or you're being only mildly rude, there's not enough of a swear spectrum. There's also a number of normal words that can get pretty rough with certain usages like "madre" - tricky to make that work in english without losing variety. The issue with british cursing is that while there is more variation, it all sounds like harry potter shit and is hard to take seriously.

@“2501”#p135962 Iwata's wording sounds more to me like something that new-IP-adverse Nintendo would do (plus I don't imagine most people connecting XB1 to gears/saga if not for the name). Anyway I can see a timeline where Xenobringer and Xenocrisis become big franchises so good for them I guess.

Where's our poll to vote on the US vs JP winners? Will it be on a question by question level or just overall?

@“bnn”#p136023 This has been a point of debate in Xeno fandom for 13 years but I really think the implications of the wording are a translation issue. Who would have more interest in associating their new game with an IP owned by a different company widely regarded by the industry as a failure of epic proportions, Iwata or Takahashi?


@“marurun”#p136024 Where’s our poll to vote on the US vs JP winners?

I vote for a tie. I think both groups did a great job 😀

yeah yeso is right, “everyone's a winner”

I don't think it was really devised as a contest anyway, more of a "weird thing to do" since I happened to be in japan, know those guys, and not have anywhere else to record a proper podcast

We did it because I didn't want to have to write two shows in one week

the video version of the show this week has Quantum Break footage. have you ever looked at what Quantum Break really is? because outside of the e3 keynote it got announced at, I sure didn't!



@“esper”#p136050 have you ever looked at what Quantum Break really is?

no but I've looked at this https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mzsQZ6dK_bk