Ep. 329 - The Nephew Line

Infocom is #1 - dont agree with the need to consider “playability” or whatever. You read text and type text. Not really asking much all things considered. Most consistently good library end to end and includes at least one GOAT (A Mind Forever Voyaging) and another (Trinity) in the conversation

LucasArts is 2

Then idk it's kind of a judgement call between Sierra and Cyan. Sierra has a lot of bad games, but some real high points (Gabriel Knight, _Lighthouse: The Dark Being_, Laura Bow). Love Cyan but sort of a narrow range.

Would put System Sacom and Warp in the conversation in my imo

i'm fairly sure somebody tried to show me red vs blue when i was barely into double digits and even then i felt like i was too old for it

@“Hawky”#p157062 yeah, funcom wasn't one of the options!

All the Edgar Wright talk and sadly Spaced wasn‘t brought up. I liked the Resident Evil representation in that one.

Oh and Ireland’s Top Level Domain is .ie and not .ir, we stole the latter from them.



@“yeso”#p157088 Infocom is #1 - dont agree with the need to consider “playability” or whatever. You read text and type text. Not really asking much all things considered.

It really depends on the game but most of Infocom and their contemporaries output from the time was quite punishing, akin to Sierra's graphical adventures. A resource I love for exploring Interactive Fiction is IFDB.org as they have a [forgiveness rating](https://ifdb.org/help-forgiveness) that lets you know how necessary a guide is.

There was an IF resurgence in the late 90s and a good deal of it was user friendly and short. I'm quite fond of Photopia from that time period. It's more or less a text based Walking Sim. Takes maybe half an hour to complete.

Another quickie from around then is Sam Barlow's (Her Story, Immortality) Aisle. It's a one move game that takes place in a single shopping Aisle. Each action generates a different ending and then you start over.

Would Star Wars: The Phantom Menace have been a better movie if it was produced by the Infocom people instead of Lucasarts?

This episode made me think of the Game Gear appearing in movies. There's Surf Ninjas, where they play the Surf Ninjas game in the movie, and also Rumble in the Bronx where a kid plays a Game Gear with no cartridge inserted.


@“Osu 16 Bit”#p157109 they should have put Snail Maze on the game gear bios so you could play it with no cart, which would've made this fine.

A guy I went to highschool with was in three ninjas kick back, I always wondered whether he played the game.


@“Garrett.exe”#p157069 Jaffe brought up Jesse Pinkman on Breaking Bad playing Sonic All-Stars Racing, but I seem to recall there was also an episode where Jesse played Rage with a light gun.

You recalled that correctly, and it is corny as fuck

@“Jonks”#p157102 yes that’s true of a number of Infocom games. Don’t think it’s a disqualifying flaw though imo. And yes the IF community subsequent to their games is quite good as well indeed

Would be curious to know why Frank has been praising _A Mind Forever Voyaging_ on the show for many years at this point if he’s never played it lol. Did he just intuit it’s greatness based on the title, box art, and broad concept alone?

I hope Tim can figure out what‘s going on with the air in his apartment. If he hasn’t already maybe instead of humidifiers he should look into combo humidifer and purifier combo units. I had a Sharp KC-850U Plasmacluster Air Purifier with Humidifying Function for a while and I liked that thing.


We got a purifier recently because I realized only after owning my cat for seven years that I‘m allergic to her.

I don’t know why I thought an air purifier would improve this situation, but we do have one now!


@“yeso”#p157120 Did he just intuit it’s greatness based on the title, box art, and broad concept alone

Maybe he watched a Let's Type

Growing up I watched Red vs Blue and I recall one of the season finales of the web series during the Halo 3 era. I hazily remember the show having a season in Halo: Reach? Then it went all 3D animated until they started a Halo 4 season and by that point the show was definitely not for me. I genuinely cannot comprehend how they are still making that show. Last time I tried catching up during the dark days of 2020 lockdowns I did not see any humour or redeeming qualities in the plot or action. I thought maybe it was for a particular type of teenager. I also thought that by 2020 that particular type of teenager was a dying breed. I watched some skits they did as well. I recall one of the skits basically boiled down to “Macs are not for gaming” and then maybe something surreal happened.

I watched Inside Gaming then turned Funhaus for a few years and loved that channel for at least two of them. I think I stopped watching around 2018 or 2019.

It’s still too bad about the studio/channel closing down. They had some popular stuff and, for better or worse, were a legacy icon in internet video game culture.

I was hungry and I ordered the chili oil.

for the question about videogames in other media, shout out to vampire bill from True Blood playing Wii all the time in the early seasons

@“Gaagaagiins”#p157115 I looked this up again and found out the developers actually tailored the stuff in that gameplay footage to suit the story which is cool. And in true late 2000’s fashion this did include Gale’s name graffiti’d on the walls

@"Siev"#p157101 Spaced and his movies are all really good about having the actors hold the controller like a normal person instead of shaking it around and mashing buttons real hard! Personal favorite Gamer Acting in his canon is Young Neil playing his GBA in Scott Pilgrim

My vote for realistic depictions of games being played in media:



@“HyggeState”#p157154 Nice. X-Files also has one of the least realistic versions of a game being played.


@“TaliesinMerlin”#p157163 this isn‘t what gaming is like for everybody?! you’re all doing it wrong then