Ep. 332 - Your Free Trial Has Ended

Ep. 332 - Your Free Trial Has Ended

Returning from GDC, the Insert Credit panel churns out video game guides, Harmony of Excellence, and a new record for mentions of pubic hair. Hosted by Alex Jaffe, with Frank Cifaldi, Tim Rogers, and Brandon Sheffield. Edited by Esper Quinn, original music by Kurt Feldman.

Questions this week:

  1. How was GDC, Frank and Brandon? (08:34)
  2. How do you write 50 video game guides in a week? (19:05)
    Insert Credit Quick Break: 8-Bit Theater 20th Anniversary Complete Script Book Do Not Sue Edition (29:38)
  3. BluntForceMama asks: What would Final Fantasy 7 be called if it was a standalone game? (31:30)
  4. Brandon, tell us about someone in video games. (35:30)
  5. Frank, tell us about someone in video games. (42:51)
  6. Tim, tell us about someone in video games. (46:29)

LIGHTNING ROUND: Popcornocalypse (58:15)

Recommendations and Outro (01:06:45)


Tim: the work of Walton Goggins
Brandon: Gun It Kickstarter, Wild Zero 2 Kickstarter, Hubert Kah

This week’s Insert Credit Show is brought to you by 8-Bit Theater 20th Anniversary Complete Script Book Do Not Sue Edition, and patrons like you. Thank you.

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Great new episode! Really hope the “Tell us about someone in video games” questions come back as that was a learning experience and then some.


Thank you to @exodus for promoting my band’s movie’s crowdfunding campaign.


Thanks @yeso for the question. I did say in the dirtbag submission form that I was asking it on your behalf!

All I did was recognize that it wasn’t too stupid for the show.


yes thank you for bringing this up. We all need to do our part and speak out against injustice


Is it time to relaunch Insert Credit as Funny Tips and Game Recipes Dot Com?


legend of zelda popcorn bucket is a like like, they can repurpose unsold dune worm buckets


in the spirit of the DUNC2 sworm bucket, a Zelda bucket would be a supple octorok.

i think that’s all i have to add.

I liked the “share a person” segment, too. I hope that can be revisited and other “show and tell” segments are explored! I like hearin what comes to mind for people.


Just finished watching Wild Zero and I gotta say, it makes me sad I won’t be able to catch Guitar Wolf when they tour here - I hope anyone here can still catch em though (at the local biggest city near you)


Happy to hear about the distaste for ScreenRant and any of the ____Rant sites. Every time I saw a headline from there I got really annoyed, especially if I ended up reading the article to find the most surface level thing imaginable in it. It’s come to the point where any time I see something that bothers me in my news feed, I can pretty much guess it’s a ____Rant site.


i could tell jaffe had a lot of fun with the ad read


The show is moving the MobyGames numbers


That was weird. I opened a package containing some zip disks I’d ordered on ebay and mere moments later zip disks were being talked about on the show.
I’m not quite sure what the universe is trying to tell me…


I want to cancel my free trial of The Rogers Experience before automatic billing kicks in. Do I have to do that on-line or do I have to call support?

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pigeon carrier mail only


THANK YOU for the discussion of various maddening internet cadences. It feels good to not feel like the only one being water-tortured by repetitive speech.

See also review voice: where each sentence runs at a high monotone, no matter how long it goes, possibly to retain engagement, then goes down at the end, with a slight upward flick. I don’t mind one, but there are some reviews where every single sentence follows this to the point where I wonder if it’s mandatory now.

(Yes, Stewart Lee got there about 15 years ago)


From what I know about Rogers, billing, and customer service, it’s too late. They’ve already emptied out your bank account, put you in debt for tens of thousands, and they’re about to tow your car, kidnap your dog, spit in your lunch, salt your fields, kill all of your serfs, and I think they’re also going to trebuchet corpses of those who died from the plague over your walls (this joke’s for the Canadians out there)


Also just saying but I laugh uncontrollably whenever Tim leans really hard into saying something sucks so this lightning round was a big one for me