Ep. 334 - On Death Row For Podcasting

i’d like to contest that Twilight Princess is fundamentally a “wii” game. ive suffered it enough to believe that they really thought they were making “ocarina 2 for the nintendo gamecube” and then halfway through they saw a wiimote and imagined what would turn out to be skyward sword.

also the uppers&downers question - i think it’s starting a nice game of tetris/puyo/etc. to “wind down” but having an unusually good run and suddenly feeling the pressure.


I have to second this. Twilight Princess’s motion controls feel “bolted on” and less integrated than they were for Skyward Sword. Isn’t Link still left-handed in the GameCube version? If I remember right they mirrored everything in the Wii version to better suit right-handed players with the motion controls. In my mind that makes Twilight Princess fundamentally a GameCube game since that’s where its actual foundation lies


teen “dark and gritty” suits way more the gamecube than the wii


also the world map in the GC version maps onto the Ocarina map almost exactly!


I think of Twilight Princess as a Wii game because that’s where I played it, but I was too young and Wii excited to admit that it was clearly the inferior version.

My auto save icon would be something like✍️, just scribbling languidly on nothing in a repeating motion. It seems to go down a line on the sheet every few seconds when the animation loops.


regional differences in game language reminded me of how kids said they “conquered” a game (instead of “beat” a game) back when i was a kid and to date i don’t think i’ve found anyone from anywhere else who has ever even heard of this


Oh yeah the gamer dialect thing. My best friend growing up didn’t say console or system (we were a system family), he said set. “Can you restart the set?” What the hell are you talking about bro


There should be a second buzzer for when Tim starts complaining about social media and/or his email inbox


Leaning more towards the “family members calling all consoles A Nintendo, or That Game Boy” topic but a buddy of mine has often regaled the story of how his grandmother used to call his Game Boy a “Play Boy” and the awkwardness that ensued afterwards from uttering those words to a kid…


my autosave would be a moon phase animation except the moon is pink.

i think my dialect (representing central florida) is a pretty standard one. never heard of “free guy” until the movie, extra life or 1up was the fare. levels, maybe stages, boards if you’re some sorta booger-eater. console or system, Nintendos for the squares. the one that i’ve found that got lost is putting your quarters up to get next. people get weird about it now ime and it makes me a little sad. i’m just around the wrong folks.


side stepping from extra lives, does anyone else talk about the zero life or the life zero?

Is the life you live/play when the counter is set to 0 so no extra lives.


this is my first time hearing of it!

it may be a spanish thing, but some games have 0 life and some don’t.
can’t remember examples but I remember “be careful, this is the 0 life” or “Does this game has life 0?”


WOW! I never knew Shio no Majin, from the beloved comedy sketch Shio no Majin vs Shoyu no Majin, was based on something, and not an original character. This has changed my entire worldview.

Also this Klaus Nomi seems like a real weirdo.


peak grandma malapropism


We said this one all the time in the American Midwest. I heard both zero life (what I said) and zero guy. Sometimes a wave of relief would wash over you when you saw that you still had your zero life.


On digital colour grading: I seem to remember O Brother Where Art Thou being some sort of pioneer in this in cinema and it definitely leaned on the nostalgic yellows. They were probably an easy first step as well as they’re less likely to make skin tones look too dramatically unnatural. Hot-weather-yellows and gritty-dystopian-browny-yellows were probably a natural progression.


I never heard it in my slice of the Midwest (northern Indiana), but it does sound like something some of us might say


what was the game made by Crispy’s! (tokyo jungle Devs) that was mentioned on this episode? its killin me that i forgot

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Ranko Tsukigime’s Longest Day:

It’s simultaneously boring and empty yet weirdly difficult and hard to parse visually. they hit the sweet spot!

(also note: esper always puts these things in the show notes, so it’s in there too)