Ep. 334 - On Death Row For Podcasting

Ep. 334 - On Death Row For Podcasting

Your wise and benevolent Insert Credit panel covers industry shifts caused by Helldivers II, decides the Dreamcast 2 launch lineup, and imagines the gritty Super Monkey Ball: Act Zero. Hosted by Alex Jaffe, with Frank Cifaldi, Tim Rogers, and Brandon Sheffield. Edited by Esper Quinn, original music by Kurt Feldman.

Questions this week:

  1. What can you tell from a video game’s color scheme? (03:42)
  2. Which video game has the best original take on what the internet is? (09:17)
  3. In games where you pick from an assortment of guys, when do you pick the big guy, and when do you pick the little guy? (15:03)
  4. Design a fourth-person shooter. (18:53)
  5. rose asks: What would the ideal starting lineup be for the Dreamcast 2? (25:44)
  6. Who is the most famous person who could beat you at Street Fighter? (33:01)
  7. What is the taking a melatonin and drinking a caffeinated beverage of video games? (38:37)

LIGHTNING ROUND: Console Genre Associations (44:02)

Recommendations and Outro (51:35)

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Brandon: Only use a half-cup of flour in Brandon’s “Daddy’s Dusters” Dog Treat Recipe, Klaus Nomi - The Cold Song Live, Trencher

Frank: Brandon’s “Daddy’s Dusters” Dog Treat Recipe

Tim: Ripley

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I’m so glad this podcast answers the tough video game questions, like “what celebrity would you let kill you?” (sincerely, lmao)


Shrek 4-D suggests that a fourth-person shooter would stink and also spray water on you


I don’t know why but the celebrity fatality that came to mind for me was Jerry Seinfeld. I’d want a Seinfeld theme-esque version of the Mortal Kombat “DUN DUN DUN!!” tune


Q7: The Melatonin & Caffeine of Gaming

Those Weather Factory games Cultist Simulator and Book of Hours. Being able to slow down and speed up time as needed while stressing about chance and scheduling is The Melatonin & Coffee experience, and the longer you keep at it the weirder and more worrying the things you see get.


Hell yeah, Klaus Nomi. I’ve got Nomi Song and Lightning Strikes on my biking playlist. Lightning Strikes is my absolute favorite. Love Nomi…


Is the episode thumbnail from the Rent-A-Hero in-world internet on Xbox? Because I was surprised that the crew all seemed to miss that one.

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I think we all avoided re-implementations of the regular internet in a game, because it was supposed to be an original take on the internet, which that one isn’t really, I guess? that’s why I didn’t mention the fun computer-ing you can do in night in the woods as well.


I’m pretty sure Henry Cavill could beat me in Street Fighter.


:musical_note:Workin’ on the night pee :musical_note:


It’s from one of the .hack games! Their in-universe MMO is called “The World.”

I know Frank Ocean likes Street Fighter. Dunno if he could beat me, but I would absolutely let him win. I’d also let him kill me (career unaffected).


yever tried to hide playing a pvp shooter while in a telehealth therapy session?

that’s the caffeine/melatonin.

but also caffeine makes me sleepy and melatonin doesn’t actually put you sleepy. so. much to think about.


I sure do love the Front Mission 3 internet. True to form the Japanese view of what the internet would look like in the near future from 1999 was closer to 1989 Prodigy or maybe AOL.


A great episode over coffee again, thanks all.

And nice to have a shout out as “someone” on the podcast as the person who couldn’t unsee Klaus Nomi. While I’ve heard more since, I can’t say I’m a fan but I can say I appreciate his vocal talents and a newfound respect.

Justin Long


My auto save icon would be a phone with an email client open, sending an email to myself about something I need to do.

Would probably be largely unreadable as an icon, but it would be accurate.


My guess for what caused The Brownening of video game color palettes in the 360 era is that it actually starts a little earlier, during the glut of World War II shooters in the PS2/Xbox era. That’s my earliest memory for “gray-brown-green video game”

My loading icon would be the :diamond_shape_with_a_dot_inside: emoji, spinning languidly.

the .hack games are indeed hacky, but i’d recommend everybody play the first one. incredible vibes, i love chillin’ in that dumb fake OS. didn’t know there was a fighting game!!


My thought was also leaning towards brown town box art emerging from military shooters in the latter years of the Xbox / PS2 / Gamecube era.

My save icon would be a sequence of slightly wobbly animated doodles representing me doing every day activities like working at a laptop, eating a sandwich, and climbing into bed.

I was thinking that Michelle Yeoh would be a good selection for my celebrity killer as the question was being asked but in the interest of mentioning someone else I think Mike Tyson could make my head explode like a watermelon and that would be quite a spectacle for television.


I don’t play street fighter that well but I’m pretty sure if I play with a really famous person that I admire even the slightest, I’ll probably low key let them win.
I know I promised my therapist I wouldn’t do that but the specific words were mario kart.


in my mind this ep is filed as
Ep. 334 - Pong for swingers