Ep. 342 - Asynchronicity 3, with Kate Willaert

Ep. 342 - Asynchronicity 3, with Kate Willaert

Video game historian “Critical Kate” Willaert joins a panel scattered across time to cover lost and ignored media, Blobby’s Bloop Boy, and ladies roaming the street with whips.

Questions this week:

  1. What kinds of video game history seem to interest you and nobody else? (02:15)
  2. What are some of the most surprising video game firsts? (11:10)
  3. Which console has the most good games that the least people have played? (16:56)
  4. Has anyone discovered an unreleased video game that was actually fun to play? (21:11)
    Insert Credit Quick Break: Amazing Grace available now on Steam, and Demonschool demo available during Steam NextFest (25:31)
  5. SpencerGifts asks: What is the best video game sequence that is no fun? (28:12)
  6. Is there a video game experience you missed out on you wish you could have had? (31:42)
  7. When shouldn’t you have a pause button? (34:37)
  8. What can we learn about women if our only reference point is video games from the 1980’s? (37:23)

LIGHTNING ROUND: Name Re-Design - Commercial Failures (40:15)

Recommendations and Outro (44:14)


Frank: Consider Spyro the Dragon
Brandon: Scavengers Reign, Demonschool demo available during Steam NextFest
Kate: Why Backstory and Lore Make Bad Story Trailers, A Critical Hit!

This week’s Insert Credit Show is brought to you by Amazing Grace available now on Steam and patrons like you. Thank you.

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Cool episode, it’s a different show when the panelists (and guests) are not interacting with each other in real time, but really appreciate that we still get some amazing questions and answers too. Thanks to all for putting it together =)

I’m proud to say I was three for three on having the experiences all the panelists mentioned, so I’m either clocking that up to being cool or old. Or both.


I’m just one person, and she’s got access to viewership data and publications acceptance experience and gotta make a living, but I just want it out there that every single one of Kate’s ideas thst she dismissed out of hand as somethikg no one would be interested in is something I would be VERY interested in.


My pick for unreleased game that’s actually fun is Primal Rage II. It’s surprisingly complete, I like the new characters, the gameplay is smooth. It would have been good. I think the original PR is somewhat underrated, it’s definitely better than the other bad MK klones from the 90’s.

My answer for console with the best games with the least amount of players is 32X. Sort of. I’m not saying it’s actually better than Dreamcast or Saturn but in the context of it’s time it had some versions of games(Mortal Kombat II, Doom, Virtua Fighter, Virtua Racing) that were much better than you could get on 16 bit.


Asynchronous to work with everyone’s schedule, and Tim still couldn’t make it.


They should have called Earthbound “This game will go for €5,424.82 new on ebay in 30 years”.


That would have been extremely prescient, considering the Euro didn’t exist yet.


earthbound more like to the moon


not only was tommy tallarico the first american to work on sonic, he was the first white boy in japan like that Shogun show. Taught them how to use cannons


whilst pointing to his biceps. “now these are cannons”



Which Merlin do you think Tommy Tallarico has a life size statue of?
  • Disney Sword and the Stone Merlin
  • Excalibur Merlin (Nicol Williamson)
  • NBC Miniseries Merlin (Sam Neill)
  • BBC series Merlin (Colin Morgan)
  • Labyrinth Merlin (a dog)
  • 1981 sitcom Mr. Merlin (Barnard Hughes)
  • Merlin for the Game Boy Color
  • Another Merlin
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Kate rules


Labyrinth Merlin


The “I’m Frank Cifaldi” outro :pinched_fingers:


Nice asychronicity! love these.

About Frank said in the first question:
My friend dug this out of his grandma stuff. It’s a brazillian version of the original Super Mario Bros, but with horrendous cartridge art and it’s name translate to Super Bros.
It was produced by Falconsoft Eletrônica



Wow! This must be a collector’s item at this point.

Just wanted to post a comment to say how good the editing was by Esper in this episode! Felt so nice and fluid


I’ll also echo the props and appreciation for Esper’s editing. I often listen to the show while getting ready for work in the morning and was briefly zoned out at the beginning so I missed the announcement it was recorded answers. I didn’t even notice for most of it. On paper those shows sound awful, and against the strength and spirit of the show, but it actually works pretty well.

And Spyro does rule. I love platformers, but they came out during my “I’m too mature and cool to play a platformer, I have adult games like Metal Gear Solid to play” era so I missed them in the 90’s. Didn’t get to them until the trilogy remake. Was very pleasantly surprised at how good they are.


Like Frank, I did not grow up in the UK and have spent a lot of time making fun of British games, but am coming around to be fascinated by the microcomputers scene. Alongside watching a lot of Kim Justice videos and experiencing Amiga adjacency via the Genesis, I’d really recommend Digital Eclipse’s Llamasoft: The Jeff Minter Story if you fall into that bucket. It’s obviously told through the lens of one creator in one moment of time, but that moment of time is the microcomputer era, and alongside including lots of different versions of games across the popular micros, the documentary/digital museum format really collects a lot of the ephemera of that era in a way that gives you a pretty good picture of it and a feel for it