Fan Translation Discussion and News

Thought a little thread about fan translations would be a good way to get recommendations etc. I did a search in the forums and didn't see a thread like this, apologies if this is a dupe.

I'm not deep into the scene, I'm just on the look out for ways to play Japanese only games that have a bunch of text in them since 私のにほんごがじょうずじゃありません.

This was inspired by seeing the Racing Lagoon translation project this morning.

I've played a few hours of Racing Lagoon and really enjoyed it so very happy to see this project.

Another one I'm looking forward to is Iru, a PS1 horror game with Lovecraft influences.

SnowyAria also did a translation for 7 Mansions on the Dreamcast, a split screen coop survival horror. Unfortunately that refuses to work over VGA even with the VGA trick and editing the ROM. I don't have the setup for a non-VGA Dreamcast at the moment so I might have to emulate on PC despite me not enjoying playing games on my PC at all.

I'm also looking forward to finally sitting down with a working version of Mizzurna Falls. Been wanting to play that for ages and dabbled with the broken patch a while ago.

Anyone got any good recommendations for translations they've enjoyed?

I patched Bare Knuckle 3 into English to put on my Genesis mini. The game is way more playable than the US release. The game is still not without substantial flaws, but I like having all of them on the console.

A group called The Geofront has been working on the Crossbell duology, the only games in the Trails/Kiseki series pre-Cold Steel not released in English, for a while now. The second game just released.

These games are massive undertakings so seeing them finally in English is pretty wild. I only played some of the first game with their translation and I have some issues with it but it's far and away the best option to play these right now. Previously we had English fan tls that were largely unedited machine translations.

@antillese#31273 yeah normal mode in JP version is beatable by a normal person

A new PC-98 fan translation's due to arrive:

@sabertoothalex#31274 As a tester on both this and the Trails from Zero patch before, it's amazing to see this project finally complete at the quality we aimed for. It's given me even more respect for anyone who does professional localizations of game scripts this big, whether at XSEED or NISA or elsewhere.

@sabertoothalex#31274 They also seem to be doing the Trails Vs Ys game and adding netplay, this group is kinda neat.

Racing Lagoon… I wonder if ThorHighHeels‘ video contributed to it’s recognition enough for this project to finally commence. I keep up as best I can since I almost exclusively play japanese games on original hardware, getting a translation is always exciting.

Nice! Going to grab this but no idea when I'll get round to playing it.

Racing Lagoon heck yeah

Was stuck between the megaten thread and this one but here’s SMT1 GBA

@“Auberji”#p33813 Although I owned the iOS version, I was not interested in redownloading from app store and figuring out how to extract the data to use in the patch. LMK via DM if you got it ready to go !


A project to translate Boku no Natsuyasumi PSP is looking for translators. The tools have been made. Very excited if this comes out!

@“Chopemon”#p34075 So the PSP game will be the first to be patched by fans?

I think so. Not sure why. Maybe the file system is easier to work with than the PS1, 2 and 3 versions?

Some progress on the Racing Lagoon fan translation

@“connierad”#p35831 heck yeah

The Xbox version is obviously the way to go, but if you wanna play Outrun 2 Coast 2 Coast on your PS2 the tweaked and upgraded Japanese version now has an English patch

A GBA RPG called Tomato Adventure got a finished tranlsation recently! Had never heard of it before but looks neat.